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Do you have any good ideas for a baby scrapbook?

Asked by Mat74UK (4649points) October 10th, 2010

As baby is due in a week do you have any good ideas for what to put in a baby scrapbook?
We’ve named the first page “In Mums Tum” and she put concert tickets and such that she’s been to whilst pregnant.
We also intent to buy a few newspapers from the day baby will be born to cut headlines out and put those in.
We will continue this book throughout babies life so any ideas for the future too please.

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Slightly off-topic but not really
A co-worker created a power point deck for each of her children, where she creates a slide a month, and includes a picture of the month, and then a summary of milestones or highlights of the month. It’s really fun to go back and look at. Her husband travels, and they live away from the grandparents, and it makes a quick way to share images. Plus, she’s learned to edit and imbed video, so that’s cool.

I would include a family tree, a list of all the names you’ve thought about, pictures of you in the delivery room, what the baby room looks like before occupation. Write the baby a letter, and put it in there, sort of like a “Jolly Postman” page.

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I’m making one with pages about mommy and daddy. Like our first _____ Just stuff themed around baby pictures we have of us. (Ex. Each of our first Halloween costumes.) I wish I had pictures of my parents as kids I think it’s neat.

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-the hand and footprints
-a lock of hair when it’s long enough.
-letters from your parents and yourselves and any other parties you want to have write a note for the child.

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“We will continue this book throughout babies life so any ideas for the future too please.”

Good luck. All the baby books generated by my family look pretty much like this: First 10 or 15 pages filled out, in full, lovingly and diligently, with all documents such as birth announcements and notices glued in where they belong, then a few random entries here and there, a few odd documents, scraps of things and photos stuffed in between the pages, then the rest of it, the other fifty or so pages utterly and completely blank. It’s a family tradition, it seems. :-)

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You could get pictures for each milestone that your little one reaches. A piece of hair from baby’s first haircut. Then when the baby loses his/her first tooth, you could include those as well. Once he/she gets to school, you’ll have lots of school events to include as well. Holidays and birthdays could get their own page each year.

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Oh wow, I saved so many things that both of my girls have their own baby book AND baby box. We kept the pregnancy tests, sonogram pictures, the handprints and footprints, the bible the hospital gave us, along with their hospital bracelet, the umbilical cords and their hospital baby cap. I wrote lots of things in the baby book, such as what I liked to eat, how late they kept me up kicking and what music soothed them. In their boxes are also some little items from their 1st birthday parties, like the big “1” candle and duplicates of goodies I gave the other kids in attendance.

I also have the outfit they wore home from the hospital, baby shower invitations, and their beloved “blankies” in the boxes. And just because I’m a sentimental packrat, I also put their hospital discharge papers in the boxes. I’ve also started them “hope chests” where I’m saving pretty dresses from their babyhood for them to pass on to their daughters.

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Make it expandable so the pictures can be added through the years. I have memory books for both of my boys, and they are nearly 90% pictures.

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Thank you very much guys I sent the wife the link and she emailed me back:

Family tree is a fab idea! Will def be doing that x

I like the lock of hair, baby box and documents ideas but the umbilical cord idea disturbed me a little.

If you can think of any more please keep them coming.

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LOL, why would keeping the umbilical cord be disturbing? it’s just the little piece that fell off after the babies were brought home, and they are in little ziplocs. I just thought it was neat.

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@WillWorkForChocolate – Just not my cup of tea I’m afraid.

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Okay then, to each his own.

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I know people who save their childrens baby teeth, that is odd to me. The umbilical thing is odd to me too. I am not even sure I would save their hair.

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@WillWorkForChocolate The umbilical cord thing doesn’t see all that crazy… as long as you don’t have any little ziploc bags labelled “Baby’s First Vomit” and “Baby’s First Poop.” :-)

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@lillycoyote LOL! Eewww, ummm no. I thought the cord was a neat thing to save because it’s what connected them to me for 9 months. I may be sentimental, but I refuse to look fondly on bodily fluids!! =0)

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Whoo hoo!
We are now the proud parents to a 9lb boy named Charlie Joseph (Charlie because we like it and Joseph after my Grandad) born via c-section due to a few complications on 01/11/10.

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@Mat74UK Congratulations! I’m sorry about the complications and hope that everyone is doing well! Is that suppose to be 10/11/10?

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@Seaofclouds – Cheers.
No mate DD/MM/YY

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@Mat74UK Ahh, that makes sense. :) Congratulations again!

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