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Does the Mercedes CLK AMG63 convertible seem more showy than the BMW M6 convertible?

Asked by netspencer (152points) March 31st, 2008

Regardless of the fact that the M6 has a 10K price difference I think the CLK seems more showy. I like then both quite a bit and have been looking into both. A decent sizes back seat is very important to me. The main reason I am drawn to the mercedes is because the legroom is significantly greater for the backseat passengers. My one concern is that CLK has a more showy feel to it. I would love to hear any of your opinions!

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It might help if you offered links to pictures of the cars. I guess I’ll have to google it myself…

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I don’t know about the showy part. But I do know that the mercedes is more reliable. My uncle works for porsche but he owns 3 mercedes and swears their the more reliable sports car.

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I love the new M6. That’s one of the cars that I dream about having. I like the Mercedes CLK too, but I think they are common. Get the M6, dude!

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yes. Hitler drove a custom mercedes around. Just for that I would never own one.

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i dont know much about cars, but isnt a lexus more reliable? my mom used to have an LS 430 and loved it. and her LS had a huge backseat with plenty of leg room.

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well were talking covertsbles here

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Who gives a $#!+

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Did you self censor, or has fluther begun to censor us?

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