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How did the U.S. Dollar Bill receive the name "buck"?

Asked by john65pennington (29163points) October 10th, 2010

“10 bucks on pump 5”. We all use this phrase, when we purchase gasoline and many other purchases. It’s a common slang word for the U.S. Dollar Bill. Question: So where and when did the dollar bill become a “buck”?

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I’m guessing a saying derived from a time/area where buck skins were dealt as a currency.

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According to this, there is no definitive answer to this question, but it most likely had to do with the use of buckskins as currency when trading with Native Americans.

As early as 1748 we have people writing, “Every cask of Whiskey shall be sold to you [Indians] for 5 Bucks.” The transition to dollars seems only natural.

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Yes to the above, plus… when it comes to the declining value of the dollar, we’re all BUCKED!

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