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What do you call a minor who uploads nude pictures and videos of their self on the internet?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) October 10th, 2010

Is it still called sexting because mostly defined sexting means to text those kind of photos through cell phones which is illegal if your underage. Or is it called distributing child pornography on the internet? And with videos I’m talking about when(most commonly little girls) teasing or dancing promiscuously on camera or mostly on webcam.

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i don’t know but i think we need to make up a degrading name to prevent kids from doing so. It’ll help prevent them from gaining any social status which kids seem to be so weary of…

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What is the age of the child and which country do they live in?

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curious…. like standing nude on a mirror and seeing how things work…like a hemorrhoid… as long as it kept private… if not its sexting

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@tifa Why do you think something degrading would prevent this? Bullying is at an all time high, so I don’t see this situation being helped by degrading children anymore.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I’m talking about in America, the U.S.

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In this country, “Felon”, “Sex offender”, and paradoxically “Pedophile” are all options.

Sadly, they will retain those labels for the rest of their lives due to the way our legal system is set up.

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@chyna: Because kids try to do these things to be cool or appreciated by someone or many… if there was a degrading term for this they would hear of it and most likely avoid it from tainting a reputation, status, or image of which they have tried to create to be accepted.

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Foolish. Guys will show these to every friend they have and if others girls see it then they’ll send it to every girl they think will make fun of the one filmed. Along the line, someone’s parent/s is bound to see it or come across it and then all hell will break loose. The girl on the pics/video will be called a sneaky little whore and the parents of kids who know her won’t want their kids to hang out.

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Scary, what happened to childhood?

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We always have assemblies like this at school. The nude pictures are technically distributing child pornography.

But I agree with everyone else; it’s stupid.

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All the above… plus hormonal.

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I’m glad my daughter is almost 23 and I am outta there in the parenting zone!

Whew! lol

It will be a regretable situation I am sure, who knows how far the ripple may flow.

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Grounded for life.

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Cut him some slack and bust his parents.

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It’s called being a “pedofile instigator”

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@Coloma here’s a horrifying thought for you…grandchildren. I tell ya, they often mean so much more. The world has become an awful place for a child.

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“Victim”, is the first word that comes to my mind.

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Dirk Diggler’s pool boy?

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Not yet!

I am still basking in the afterglow of launching my daughter into the world a few years ago. lol

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a fuckin dumbass

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Why, does coming up with a name help it any? @tifa That’s ridiculous – making people feel degraded never got anywhere away from feeling like their body could be displayed – it’s probably why they’re doing it already, cause they feel little self-worth otherwise.

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@YARNLADY very good answer! That is a sad deal when minors don’t respect themselves.

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