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Got any tips?

Asked by BioTechWarrior (119points) March 31st, 2008 from iPhone

I wanna kiss my gf but as one has said before, I’m not the best kisser. Got any tips bout what she would like or how I would do it ?

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I would give her much needed space right now Biotech, judging from your recent posts she is probably distant from affection at the moment.

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she says she’d wanted this for a long time and she wants me to next time I see her. and I know she won’t be the one to start it

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just go for it. its awkward when you hesitate too long. and be smooth, gentle. dont just shove your face in hers. be a gentleman. =]

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this kid is 13. kiss her on the cheek.

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why does it matter
long as she likes it

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I had the same problem when I was your age. Watch a soap opera and learn technique from them.

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hahaha.. oh no! they’re so dramatic on those shows. next thing we know he’ll be dipping her backwards across his knee and whipping a fast one on her.

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@ allie. Basic technique I mean

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lightbringer: i got it. =]

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Given the extreme gravity and long-term emotional issues that you raised on your two earlier questions, Bioech, are you serious?

Or were you pulling our legs with the earlier questions you asked about your girl friend and the savage abuse she had suffered? If not, she should be in therapy and not discussing kissing lessons with you.

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its BioTech*
and yes she’s asked me to kiss her
you dont expect me to turn her down do ya

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Oh noes.. I didn’t notice that. I would have never posted my comment above if I had know that.

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I think she might be mixing up her emotions right now. I don’t think it would be wise to rush into physical contact with what you have previously posted about the circumstances. If you feel you must kiss her kiss her on the forehead.

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@BioTechWarrior Although I havent posted to you before, I have read your earlier threads. I have only this advice for you: Hurt people hurt.

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Just kiss her and get it over with, no use in worrying about it, just makes you more nervous

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The others are right. This is not the time to worry about kissing. Just be there for her, and leave any kind of physical affection out of your activities for quite a while to come. let her be the one to kiss you if and when she is ready. It floors me that you would even bring this up right now, unless gail’s suspicions are correct and you were pulling our legs in your earlier threads.

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If those two earlier questions were bogus, you are Bio-ech.

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i agree with needleinthehay these kids are thirteen, a kiss on the cheek is good. you don’t want to rush in to things especially after what’s been going on with her(see other posts).
i guess we all are thinking the same thing. were the other two questions bogus?

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practice makes perfect if it really is meant to be then she won’t mind if she’s your test dummy ;)

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This isn’t something I like to make public because it is still a very painful subject for me, but I will do this to help you with your girlfriend Biotech. My daughter was raped at the age of 13 also. While she was going through a very emotional recovery, she asked her boyfriend to kiss her as well. The reason why she did this is not because she was feeling any kind of affection for him. She wanted to be the one in control of what happened to her body. She felt like she had lost control when the slime she thought was a friend raped her.

So you need to know that your girlfriend will go through many changes during her period of recovery, and her choices may not be what is best for her. If you want to be a good boyfriend to her, you need to understand these things, and help her know that now is not the right time for phyical contact between the two of you. She needs the time to clear her head, and get some councelling so that her future relationships with boys/men will be healthy ones, and not based on her feelings about the loss of control she feels because of the rape.

Let her know you care about her, and you are there for her. Let her talk about things when she wants to, but don’t try to get her to talk about what may be too uncomfortable for her. It’s going to take a very long time for her to heal. This is not something she will get over in a week or two, even if it seems like it on the surface. Just be very patient. There is plenty of time for kissing later on. Much later one.

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