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Does anyone else here say the term "passing gas" as opposed to the alternative?

Asked by Drewseph (533points) October 11th, 2010 from iPhone

The alternative being “fart.” That word really grosses me out… (0_0)

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I say either, depending on context.

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I utilise the rather cute bottom burp myself. Although I see nothing gross in fart. Other than the smell of course.

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Yeah, “passing gas” is much more tasteful, but it really depends on the context and who’s listening.

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One “breaks wind” daahrling ;-)

Though, speaking for myself, I am far too much of a lady to ever fart, pass gas, bottom burp OR break wind!! ~

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I’ve used both, along with a few others depending on the situation and who I’m talking to.

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Yes, me, and my kids chuckle at my hatred of ‘the other word’.

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I think fart is a funny word and very appropriate, in most situations, for a funny, if all too human, activity. However, if I were having tea with the Queen I would apologize to her for “passing gas.”

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If I am at work I normally say “pass wind” otherwise it’s fart.

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I say “poot.” It’s one of my favorite expressions for aggravation, too. I did a college paper on the etymology of “fart.” Wish I could remember the details but my prof kept the paper.

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One of my friends uses a very cute term: fluffing : )

Did you just fluff?

Sorry, I just fluffed.

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“let one go”

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Our family never had a term for it…it just wasn’t discussed. I do recall a couple of times that Dad would look at the dog, and in a disapproving tone, say her name. We were all sure he was passing the blame for the noise.

A friend’s family uses a term I had never heard of before. “Mommm! Uncle Bill just stepped on a duck!”

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Our family sometimes uses the term “boop.”

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Sorry—I don’t use the term passing gas. Where I work, that’s how the anesthesiologists describe what they do for a living. :-)

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Butt burp or silent but deadly…....

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@Hypocrisy_Central But what if it is not silent?

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@Drewseph That is where the butt burp comes in, or you just say “who let those elephants run through here?” ;-)

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in australia we call them barking frogs

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Well I’m in eighth grade and so waaay too many people are immature as you might imagine. So I rarely hear the term passing gas. Its mostly just farts. All day long.

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Actually “clearing my net5her throat” works for me

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