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What items symbolize anger?

Asked by bored1981 (6points) October 11th, 2010

What items are symbols of anger, isolation, growth, survival, fear, a bear, being lost inside yourself, friendship, trust, and stubbornness?
I need to find out items or colors or animals that symbolize that stuff. I need one symbol for each.

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What context is this in? A certain book?

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I’m not sure if this qualifies as an “item”, but the color red is often matched up with anger. As in “seeing red.”

Also.. did you really mean “a bear?”

Stubborn as a mule is another.

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Is this homework?

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No i’ts a non school project I’m doing with my kid. It’s a long story.

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A fist would be a good symbol for anger. For isolation you could use an island or the number 1, a seed or a big red wood for growth. For survival, perhaps fire or water.

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Broken stuff, like a vase etc.

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>:O the ultimate symbol of anger and the wrath that surely will ensue once this feared emoticon from deepest pit of hell is unleashed on all the message boards, chatrooms, and Instant Messangers of cyberspace!

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anger, isolation, growth, survival, fear, a bear, being lost inside yourself, friendship, trust, and stubbornness

Anger: color red; fist (a good one already on the list); grimacing face and eyebrows so: \ /
Isolation: tiny desert island with solitary palm tree in a big ocean
Growth: seedling plant with seed husk; bean sprout; height marks marked in a doorway, and a child standing on tiptoe under them
Survival: a tree clinging to a rocky ledge; a rock climber spread-eagled on a rock face and looking up
Fear: the same rock climber looking down and refusing to move; wringing hands; face with eyebrows so: / \
A bear: a bear (that was easy!)
Being lost inside yourself: dream bubbles
Friendship: two people walking closely, one with an arm over the other’s shoulders
Trust: a handshake
Stubbornness: my avatar; arms crossed in front of chest, eyes closed, shaking head “no”; alternatively, carrying a flag into a line of heavy fire, with no one else walking with the solitary figure

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Punching bag. This one dude I know has one at his place. He would punch it when he’s angry at something.

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A hole through a wall, broken plate on the floor, a ripped pillow.

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