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What part of Maine would you recommend visiting at the end of August?

Asked by Angelina (400points) March 31st, 2008

My husband and I are looking for an idyllic spot to spend our one-year anniversary. We’d like to be near the water and also not spend too much money (less than $1000). Which towns would you recommend? We tend to like small, friendly towns and we were hoping to do some hiking, swimming and canoeing. We were thinking of renting a cottage or cabin so that we could cook on our own and have privacy. I’m kind of biased against kids for this particular vacation, although I usually think families are great. We’re concerned about bugs, too, because we’ve heard it can get buggy in the summer. Is this true?

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Rangeley, ME ~ focal point is Mooselookmeguntic Lake. About 30 minutes from the Canadian border and about 20 miles from NH. I lived there back in the early 1990s and visited again this past summer- it has successfully thwarted over-development. Late summer won’t be too buggy. Make sure you take light jackets for the evenings. Be sure to go moose-watching! Here is a link for their Chamber of Commerce: and CONGRATULATIONS !

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Millinocket Maine…Baxter State Park, Mt.Katahdin, whitewater rafting and sky diving. Plenty of ponds and hiking trails. Small town cheap to stay at. Lot of open space to explore…lots of unposted land

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Baxter State Park. It’s beautiful. I saw more stars the night I spent there than I ever have before. There’s a river there that is clean enough to drink from.

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Not sure what town, but a few years back at a little after mid-august I was visitting family in New Hampshire and took a trip to southern Maine and I thought it was perfect weather to go along with really good scenery

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You should to to Camden and Belfast, Maine. I have lived in both and they are right next to eachother. All you have to do is follow route 1.

They are both beautiful and located on the Penobscot Bay(mid-coast).

There are lots of galleries, fun shops, hiking, boating, and great food.

I’ll actually be going back in July!

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@Patrick_Bateman. I just found this little cottage community called Bayside Cottages in Northport. It looked really nice from the pictures. Are you familiar with it at all? (The reason I’m asking is that the website indicated that Northport is between Belfast and Camden, so I thought you might know it.)

Also, have you been to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor? My husband was there with his parents a few years ago and I wonder how that area compares with the Camden area in terms of attractions and scenery.

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Bayside is RIGHT next to Belfast. The kids there go to Belfast for school.

It is about a 25 minute scenic drive from Camden and 5 minute drive from downtown Belfast.

It is beautiful!

I think it’s better than Bar Harbor because thats where ALL the tourists go(big tourist trap).

This is always fun:

Acadia is great and remember Belfast/Camden isn’t that far from Bar Harbor if you want to make a day trip of it.

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how about gooserocks beach. its a small town, like old school with a general store and everything, 50s style and really nice and peacefull. there are a few bed and breakfasts right across from the beach and its right near kennebunkport. some great memories happened there.

one more thing, theres weekly bingo at he town hall. dont miss it.

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I would rate Acadia National Park as a great place to go. You will NOT be sorry. Once you visit Acadia, you will find ways to return to it.
If you like small quaint places and also enjoy the beach, Ogunquit is also awesome.
So many places.

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