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Can you suggest a favourite YouTube video?

Asked by flutherother (29173points) October 11th, 2010

I know a few good ones but which do you like?

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This one has been interesting me lately.

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Lovely music here from Mali

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my all time fave. this has been my favorite video ever since i first found it, and i have watched it at least once a month since then. im watching it now

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@flutherother Staggeringly “lovely” music. Great choice.

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This greatly amuses me, as does this one

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Here are some of my favourites:

Here is a compilation of 15 great explosions be sure to watch all of video #14. That tree is amazing.

The Battle at Kruger is amazing.

Where the hell is Matt? is cute.

Sneezing Baby Panda

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Thanks for those great videos tranquilsea. I liked the explosions and Battle at Kruger was just breathtaking.

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I just hope that baby was ok after he got away.

Can you believe how that tree went up? That would have been terrifying to see.

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