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What would you reccomend one do in Germany?

Asked by needleinthehay (190points) March 31st, 2008

I’m leaving this Sunday with my choir group to sing at the St. Thomas Cathedral in Leipzig and record with the Franz Liszt school of music in Weimar. I should be able to fit some free time in, what would you reccomend?

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The Love Fest!

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eat some Haribo gummy bears ;0)

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Beer, beer gardens.
Bratwurst u. andere wuerste, mit Kraut und Kloss, <sausages with sauerkraut and potato dumplings)

There is another grand church in Leipzig whose name escapes me.

You could travel the Romantic Road, die Romantische Strasse, in Bavaria, not all that far from Leipzig, but not a hop skip and jump either.


Visit a holocaust site such as a concentration camp, not sure what you might find in and around Leipzig or Weimar.

Bayreuth, though it’s the wrong time of year for the Wagner festival.

Lots to do,

The only thing I don’t like about traveling to Germany, which I do on business once a year, is seeing very old men and wondering what they might have done 65 or 70 years ago to the relatives of my maternal grandparents who did not or could not make it out of Germany and Poland before 1939.


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