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Commercial space flight...

Asked by wilco (63points) March 31st, 2008 from iPhone

virgin galactic has announced that this year they begin the world’s first commercial space flight. seats cost $200,000 per person. would you consider space travel in the future? and how much would you spend?

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This will remain a rich man’s vacation trip until you can take your family of four suborbital for less than $5000 (the cost of a good cruise). It is an upper middle-class family price point.

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I would pay $5,000 a ticket if it were a bit more interesting. $200,000 to drive a space ship into space, not get out and simply look down at earth is a rip off. I think I will stick to Google Earth for the time being.

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I would love to travel to space, I do not like the idea that space could be something that is reserved for the wealthy. I think only kids should be able to go to space because they would truly be excited to go and it would inspire them to think about our planet from a different perspective. So I guess it seems fair to charge a lot of money for the people who have it and make it free for the deserving!!!

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that would be pretty cool. but i agree with netspencer, for 200K i’d want to get out too (even if im not an astronaut).

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As soon as they get commerical space flight the price will go down steadily. Assuming society continuies as it is we’ll all be able to afford it in 10 or 15 years. I would only pay $200,000 if I had billions. Even then, it’d be a maybe. Right now I’d go for $1500.

($750 for a one way ticket : )

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