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What is your favorite cookie ever?

Asked by Allie (17441points) March 31st, 2008
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Chocolate macadamia nut

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My wife’s!

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I make a mean chocolate chip orange cookie with orange extract and zest. Delicious. But, while i’m not inflating my own ego, I love a nice ginger cookie. (I make those well, too, but I can never figure out how to make them as dense as the ones often sold in cafes etc, the thick kind covered in sugar. those things are GOOD.)

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No question…homemade chocolate chip cookies that are burned on the bottom!!!!

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subway chocolate chip cookies.

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I like the no bakes. I keep it simple. :)

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bulbatron: haha, good answer.

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I’m big on HTTP flavoured ones.

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paulc: ............. what?

edit: sorry. didnt realize it was a link. im back on track.

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Snickerdoodle.. I like them a little burn’t and dunked in milk.

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paulc is a nerd… It was a computer joke. It might be for the best if you don’t understand it.

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Everyone likes cookies.

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@Allie, if you mean edible cookies I’d have to say I agree 100% with deepseas72. Chocolate with macadamia nuts. Hot damn. Please excuse my pathetic sense of humour.

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whole foods makes a fab vegan chocolate chip – and i’m not even a vegan!

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homemade: white chocolate macademia nut OR dark chocolate chip cookies
store bought: chocolate double stuffed Oreos®

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mcbealer: i was waiting for someone to say oreos or chips ahoy or something.

my favorite would have to be my homemade oatmeal/raisin/choco chip cookies. yumm..

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@ Allie ~ yeah, the middle reminds me of these doughnuts my Mom used to get at Zayres department store, they were powdered with a chocolate creme filling. YUM

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Sugar cookies from Target!

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Any kind that I made! Haha even though most of them are as hard as rocks, it gives you a hell of a lot of satisfaction! Ooh wait and also those sugar cookies with the fake frosting crap! Haha

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Thin Mints! Yea! It’s girl scout cookie season!

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Yea Thin Mints FTW. Seriously why dont they make these cookies year round. I would definitely buy them, but no i must spend most of my year awaiting the time girl scout cookies come just to have the time fly by and be cookieless again.

As far as baked cookies go, i LOVE a nice chewy oatmeal raisin cookie YUM

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sugar cookies are so yummy!!!

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Gotta represent the 505. Bizcochitos.

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Toll House cookies made at home, slavishly following the instructions on the back of
the Neste’s choco-chip package, except add a LOT of walnuts.
very skinny almond cookies made by some company in Europe, rectangular, very
sweet, very small
Newman’s Own ginger cremes, shockingly delicious

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Anybody else? Can the new people logged on today see this?

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yes i can see it! haha. funny question,
warm choclate chip cookies!

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my own white chocolate/raspberry. my my they are tasty.

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