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Care to write a love poem for the lurving people out there in fluther land?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) October 11th, 2010

Okay this may relate to some other posts out there in fluther. But I just wanna see where this will go. So I want you people out there to write me one love poem. Here’s my example of my love poem that I thought of. Just not to long ago. So here it is!

I am the thunder and you are my lightning.
Together we are one, and strike as one mighty god.
I’m the mountains and you are the plains.
Together we are opposites which makes us inseparable.
I am your king and you are my queen.
You are my queen that rules my heart.

Yeah it’s sorta cheezy I guess, but hey I know some people may like it. But go ahead and write some poems for me! I wanna see them!!!!

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random acts of kindness-it couldnt hurt
i told my friend he was awesome-it couldnt hurt
i packed a note in my siblings lunchbox-it couldnt hurt
i opened the door for someone with a wheel chair at an antique store-it couldnt hurt
i left a box of cookies for my teacher at christmas-it couldnt hurt
i gave my friend a lolly-it couldnt hurt
i called a friend in another country to tell him i missed him-he misses me too!
i sent the mayor a note to say hes doing a great job-it couldnt hurt
i took flowers to the nursing home-it couldnt hurt
i played candy land with a little kid-it was fun
i thanked the person behind the counter at the lolly store-he beamed
i gave my assistant the day of without pay-it only hurt a little
i stroked my cat for a good half hour-it felt good
i invited a ‘loner’ to my place for a sleepover-i enjoyed myself
i ate pasta- it was delicious
random acts of kindness hmmm,-it couldnt hurt

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wait isnt your one a song by selna gomez?!?

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It’s a pretty good poem dude. Although it kinda sounds like a Dragonforce song. :p Still, nice.

Here’s mine.

Fluther Fluther, oh you miserable Motherfucker,
Keeping me up for a thousand nights when I should be killing the lights,
Fuckin’ bugger, just goin’ on like a hyper trucker, takin’ me to lands and places where my heart pitter patters and my mind dares not to shutter’
I drink and I stutter, the hours of the dead I fight, white lights of day away from my usually broken way, forgotten is my plight as I play, this salvation keeps me comin’ over, here on this motherfucking Fluther!

I whine and I bitch, I’m an emo who foresees her death in a ditch,
Yet I keep returning to the place, some bastards and assholes I face, yet whether from them or me I learn my place, on a site which doth indeed accurately explore what must be, such as a zombie being stricken by a mace, it fills me with glee!

Guts and wisdom and blood, all and every subject on Fluther we see covered like a great big flood!

I love Vunessuh and I love Creole, I bloody hate the rest of yall,
Lol I’m just joking, if you don’t like it go play with your dingaling,
I wouldn’t be here if for the lot of yall I had naught but a nasty sneer, I just down a beer or three and forget all the fear, in this great place where while drama rears as if some drank too much wine, I can be myself and be accepted at any time.

I learn and I laugh, and now I gather thee all to me, even the staff,
In a great big group hug we stand,
Now let’s all be off to Zombieland!

The End.

I’m an idiot lol.

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@Symbeline Lol if you’re talking to me lmao it’s not I made it up but uh thanks XD

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Yeah I was talking to you. And no I didn’t say you made it up it up lol, just kinda reminds of something they’d come up with lol.

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@Symbeline Wow that was deep. I liked it.

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Ugh, I suck at doing these things,
But I guess I can play this game.
I stumbled upon this site one lonesome night,
I thought I was an idiot for staying – I learned my lesson before.
People so close and people so far,
It’s weird that I’ve connected with people this far.
Captivating me like a child who sees magic
Keeping me like I’m metal stuck to a magnet.
I’ve made a few “friends” if that’s what you call it,
Enjoying their “company” when I want conversation.
Supportive but honest is how the deal
I take nothing to heart when it’s too hard to feel.
Sometimes they can be a bit rude and it’s quite annoying,
but it’s part of their personalities – I can’t keep complaining.
They do have good things – which I shall mention now
It is a love poem after all, right?
They bring new information and their humor to “work”
And they know to back off if it’s causing you hurt.
They are kind and sweet and sarcastic as well
I can’t count the times they’ve made me LOL.
Well, I don’t know what else to say about my fellow jellies,
but I’ll keep enjoying this site.. after I get food in my belly.

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Typed a question into google
looking to feed my little noodle
A link for the collective appeared
Fluther it was called… thats weird
and when I gazed upon the site
I began to see the light
ideas, questions, comments abound
checking my lurve score with a frown
no-one liked my intelectual retort
no wait theres one, 5 more points to report.
someone just started following me
two more points! I erupt with glee
another point for visiting two days in a row
have to see how the string did flow
and every day it seems rather queer
that I can’t drag myself away from here
the longer I stay the more I fear
that although I’m getting smarter
I’m getting an ever expanding rear!

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Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
If you ask a good question.
I might answer you.

A rose can be red
And some are quite pink.
If a question is biased,
It’ll probably stink.

Roses are red.
Pickles are green.
Don’t make stupid statements
Or get too obscene.

Roses are red.
Women are fine.
I’ll be the six
If they’ll be the nine.

Roses have petals
And women have curves
If you’re sexy and funny
I’ll give you some lurve.

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Ode to Dr. Jelly

Doctor Jelly, darling dear
My love for you is doomed, I fear
For you must roam the ocean deep
And I upon the soil must keep

What is the source of this attraction?
Is it your lithe, gelatinous action?
Is it your glasses, intellectual?
(Are my feelings strictly sexual?)

No no! For ‘tis your noble brain
That doth inspire this sweet refrain
Oh Medusozoa, green and shiny
Come to me out from the briny

Tell me, there must be a way
This lapin in the sea may stay
And while away the days with thee
Underneath the sapphire sea

Pondering questions labyrinthine
Whilst paws and tentacles intertwine
A watery world, yet bright and sunny
Lit by the love of Jell and Bunny

Answer Doctor, I can’t wait
Let not rejection be my fate
Let not my plea seem daft or funny
Oh, let me be your fuzzy bunny!

I’ll come at once if you will call
In ocean’s depths I’ll gladly fall
Just say the word, if love’s your status
For I have diving apparatus!!!

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Dr. Jelly has not responded…..[bunny sighh]

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If a girl loves a girl
Or a boy loves a boy
they are considered gay
Why does it seem love is only reserved for
Family and significant others
Love is giving your heart away
walking the extra mile for them
not always marriage and kisses
Not always siblings and parents
Love isn’t reserved for anybody
Love is for everyone and has
no restrictions

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