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Can u get new text message ringtones on the iPhone?

Asked by bman23345 (28points) March 31st, 2008 from iPhone

I hate my iPhones text alerts I need new ones

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Other than the ones on the phone already, no.

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I LOVE my “horn” text noise :) it makes my friends soo mad. I also turn on the click when I touch the letters.

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yeah I have the horn for the text messages. May be soon well be able to get personalized ring tones

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I know you can do this if you jailbreak your phone, because I’ve seen it done. I don’t have more details for you than that, sorry (I jailbroke mine, but I happen to like the default alert sounds, so I’ve never researched this particular issue).

Just letting you know that, if you jailbreak, it’s an option.. somehow.

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Yes you. can download a bunch I’m sure

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I have gotten as far as to finding the location of the ringtones.

You’ll have to SFTP into your phone, then navigate to the /System/Library/Audio/UISounds folder. Here the SMS ringtones are labeled “sms-receivedx.caf” where “x” is the number of the sound.

1 is Tri-Tone, 2 is Chime, 3 is Glass, 4 is Horn, 5 is Bell, and 6 is Electronic.

It doesn’t seem that the name is embedded into the file, so I am not sure how it sets that up, probably through a special file somewhere.

Hope that helps.

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well if you jaibreak ur phone you can i no because i have done this if you need more info you need quikpwn and you need the ispw firmeware file for iphone you can google both jailbreak is better and the best you can retheme the hole phone and as well pretty much change all sounds via cydia i would recommend jailbreaking to anyone with an iphone/ipod touch

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As far as I know the 3gs 3.1.3 can’t be jailbroken as of yet. I hate my text sounds and have not been able to set individual texts up for my sms, twitter, and facebook. Does anyone know are there any iphone apps out there or anyone that knows if the new 16 gig 3gs can be jailbroken yet.

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