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What to do while being on Bed Rest for a week?

Asked by MayBear (556points) October 11th, 2010

This sunday I fell into a hole and tore a ligament in my foot. Went to the hospital as I was not able to walk or move it without being in extreme pain. They wrapped it, gave me pain meds, told me to elevate it and stay off it for a week. Its been less than 24 hours and I am already bored out of my mind and going crazy.

What are some suggestions for me to do? Movies to watch? Games to play online? Please help?

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Watch or read some Shakespeare. It will educate you or put you to sleep. Either outcome is good for you in your present situation.

Get well soon!

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@hawaii_jake thanks i hope to. and ive already read alot of his work. (ima book worm) i love to read.

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Write letters to people you haven’t spoken to for years.

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read a thick book, watch several ‘chick flicks’, fluther, play internet games

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i have fibromyalgia so i can find myself in the bed quite often. i tweet excessively, play games on some portable device, watch twilight zone. i catch up on my writing. there’s lots you can do. just be creative and stay off that foot :)

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Laptop, Netflick instant play on laptop( or streamed to T.V.), getting caught up with friends (on paper, laptop or phone), music, books (paper, e, or audio), games (virtual or tangible), hobby, organize drawers or files or stacks of papers (brought to you by who, no doubt, is cooking and caring for you, of course!), tour museums around the country per internet, on line courses of subjects you’d always been interested in, write your Christmas cards, thank yous, plan Christmas shopping, organize/update address book, art projects or crafts, MAKE your Christmas gifts, gardening catalogues-plan for Spring! Give yourself manicures/pedicures, go through recipes/ scan into computer, read tabloids ( all people recuperating get a free pass on tacky reading, put “bodice busting romance books,” in this category too!), plan next vacation, review financial plans for retirement, make your Bucket List, organize the family’s medical info., also pet info., read newspaper every day (ugh, may want to rethink that these days), polish silver, repair all the broken things you’ve squirreled away to be fixed someday, follow Dr’s instructions, take care!

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I would watch every episode of House, and eat chocolate in bed. Read cookbooks.

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I’m so sorry to hear about your injury.
* How about borrowing or investing in a pair of dumbbells to get a bit of exercise?
* If you photos, either paper or digital, organize them in a real or electronic photo album.
* If you have an interest in genealogy, sign up for and start a family tree.
* If have a certain genre you particularly enjoy, find a series (book or video) and pace it out for the week. I like post-apocalyptic topics and watched The Tripod series on YouTube over a couple of days.
* Get a crossword/sudoku book to keep your mind limber.

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Arrgggggh!!! I stepped in a hole several years ago. The hospital x-rayed the ankle and said it was sprained. I did the crutches thing for a week. 6 months later, after I kept complaining about the pain, they discovered it was broken and I had torn a ligament. That required surgery and I was off my foot for 3 weeks. I actually ended up on crutches for 5 months, but wasn’t stuck in bed any more.

PLEASE continue to be serious about staying off the foot! Use the crutches (if you have them). Some continued time on crutches will cause you to lose some serious weight (and you really don’t need to exercise your arms on top of it). If you end up being on crutches for a while, some of those fingerless gloves that weightlifters/bikers use will be your best friend and save you a lot of blisters on your hands. If they do end up having to do surgery OR if you need to stay off the foot longer, think about getting a recliner (if you don’t already have one).

For the time I was down, I rented a recliner for a month. I lived in the thing. It was too hard for me to get in and out of bed and my couch was uncomfortable to lie on all the time. I had several books, my phone, my TV remote, a sketchpad and pens/pencils, a bottle of water, etc. on a table next to me. One of my friends stopped at Walgreens and got me one of those small round pillows that are really squishy so I could put it under a hip or behind my back (essentially to allow me to change position while still in the same chair). I got a Play Station, but with the pain meds, I really couldn’t focus on it. I watched a lot of TV shows I had never seen before because I am usually at work every day.

At the time, I didn’t have a laptop, but if you have one, there are all sorts of sites you can visit to learn cool stuff. Try researching things you may not know anything about. For example, I know you like poetry—research the Arlington Ladies if you want some really poignant material to think about. Or write a response poem TO Sylvia Plath, Edna St. Vincent-Millay or another poet. I also did a great deal of thinking about the metaphors of my situation and what they might mean for me (didn’t have a leg to stand on for example). You can write some wicked good poetry about some of the metaphors.

This is your great opportunity to sit and read a series of interesting books (so you get continuity of character) and can just keep reading without interruption. You might enjoy the Diana Gabaldon series if you haven’t already read them or The Awakening Land Trilogy by Conrad Richter (the individual books are The Trees, The Fields, and The Town).

If they tell you to keep it elevated, do it! If they say put ice on it for 20 minutes, then off, then on again, there is a really cool boot (made out of the same stuff Spenco uses in bike seat covers) that goes in the freezer. Here is a link for the type I used (and still use every night). It wraps around your entire ankle and is far more comfortable than an ice pack.

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You don’t have to stay in bed, you just have to elevate the foot. Put a pillow on a garbage can under your computer desk. Prop it up on the couch.

Don’t be tempted to cheat on staying off of the foot!

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^^^^ Good point !!

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@marinelife i have a lap top so im not worried bout a comp desk. But good point.

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Clarify,if by elevate, they mean above the level of your heart. Can make a difference!

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