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Which do you prefer beer, wine, or liquor?

Asked by truecomedian (3932points) October 12th, 2010

There is a difference between beer drinkers and wine drinkers, and people who like the hard stuff. What are some of these differences if any?

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Like a glass of merlot occasionally with my meal.

And, if I have beer, Michelob Ultra. All my drinking is in moderation. Nothing like a good cold beer after mowing the yard or after playing a round of golf with your friends. Winner always buys!

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Wine for night
Beer for day
Liquor for when things are not going my way


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I like all three the same just depends on my mood, the people I’m drinking with, the time of day, what I’m eating with it etc… If I’m going to drink with dinner, most of the time I drink a glass of red wine. If I’m working outside or going to a party beer is my usual choice (or a malt beverage). Liquor I usually reserve for the holidays and also to make mixed drinks with. My favorite drink… Jack and coke :)

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Beer is #1 in my book.

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I don’t like beer, I would like to enjoy it, but I don’t.
I do like wine, especially with a meal or snacks. I like some hard liquor in mixed drinks and straight.

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Whiskey. Straight and not on the rocks.

Beer is disgusting.
Wine is disgusting.

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It depends on my mood and the situation. I’m not a huge beer fan, but I will have one from time to time sometimes (like while watching the game or at dinner). I really like wine and would have it with dinner and sometimes just at night before bed just because I could. Hard liquor I don’t drink very often, but every once in a while I’ll have a mixed drink here and there (usually at parties). I won’t be having any of them for a while now though, so who knows how I’ll feel the next time I drink.

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Wine with a meal, ale with friends, whisky as a nightcap. The only drink I can’t abide is mass-produced lager – weak, fizzy, tasteless pap.

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I will occasionally have a glass of red wine with dinner, or perhaps courvoisier & ice after dinner.
The differences are the % volume – beer being the lowest and spirits the highest.

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whiskey, please

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Beer is dear
Wine if fine
Liquor is quicker.

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A good IPA beer is a thing of beauty. Mojo IPA is one of my faves.

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^^^i am a fellow hophead, although I don’t discriminate. I go with whatever sounds good. More often, though, I’m not really in the mood for any of the above.

In Vegas and New Orleans, I go on a strict daiquiri diet.

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Out of the three , my favorite is the hard stuff. Closest I get to having it is on rare occasions a Margarita. or two.
I wish I could find a red wine that’s bearable. Hate the stuff but it is so great for the arteries that we all need a glass a day. shudder I do like some of the super sweet whites, though.

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I don’t care for beer. I will drink wine on occasion, but it has a tendency to trigger a migraine. My usual drink of choice is Brinley Gold Vanilla rum and diet. I also sometimes like to come up with new drinks though, if I’m feeling bored. My SO is a bartender, so that rubbed off on me from him. This past weekend, I made up a drink with Cruzan banana rum, Red Bull and a splash of Razzmatazz. It was very good. We named it a Monkey Pucker.

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I prefer a full bodied red wine when serving up steak, cabernet or merlot, especially red Bordeaux….. After my meal I sometimes have a glass or two of beer, John Smiths being my choice… And then again, I do like a large whiskey too, that would be the Dalwhinnie, 15 years old.. ;-) up to now, my favourite whiskey.
All in moderation………

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Depends on my mood.

I’m not into lager, but I really enjoy a good ale. Stout, particularly, though I also love porter, hefeweizen, and ale on lees.

I love wine. I tend to lean toward Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir more than anything. A good Pinot Grigio is great, too.

However, I’d turn them all down in a hot second for a Bombay Sapphire dirty martini.

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Aw, must I choose one? I’m more of a liquor drinker myself, but what I’m craving really varies from moment to moment. I’m fond of all three.

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I am not a liquor drinker except for the occasional Bloody Mary or Marguerita.

I live in wine country and enjoy many local wineries and micro-breweries.

I’d have to say a good ale is my fav. and one local vintner makes the best champagne in the zone…mmmmmm!

Beer and wine suits me just fine! lol

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British ale is one of the greatest inventions of Britain and therefore the world.
CAMRA national pub of the year is just down the road from me in Sheffield

I like chilled white wine with my Mediterranean meals in Summer/Mediterranea.

And good aged Whiskey when I have money.

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There is a difference between beer drinkers and wine drinkers, and people who like the hard stuff. What are some of these differences if any? I have no clue what the differences are between people who select one type of alcoholic choice over another, other than some stereotypes. Overall, it just seems based upon personal preference, as duly noted from the previous responses.

For me, I enjoy all three types. An icy beer after a hot day on the beach while chowing down on freshly steamed crabs; a tepid Guinness with a proper shepherd’s pie; a glass of crisp, oak chardonnay with grilled fish or a variety of cheese; a really good red wine with red meat; a stadium cup of a splash of Tanqueray and lots of tonic, lime and ice; and a snifter of Courvoisier with my SO’s dad while we chat away at night. When it comes down to it, it is more about the relaxed atmosphere and the social bonding.

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Beer only. GOOD beer.
(Wine makes my head and stomach hurt, and liquor knocks me out.)

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btw have you Americans progressed to hand-pulled beer yet?

Last I heard, “micro-breweries” were taking off, because the commercial beer is so awful, but sadly you were all having to drink it out of bottles….

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I find wine is a good medium. Beer, you have to drink too much to get drunk. Liquor, it gives me a hangover if I get drunk off it and the taste isn’t particularly good. But wine is the best of both worlds. And it’s deeeelicious.

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@The_Idler Hand-pulled? You mean on tap? Certainly we have beer on tap. We also have stopped using smoke signals and hammering messages into stone tablets, though we still don’t have rocket cars.

There are hundreds of craft breweries in the US – it’s not a new thing. There’s about a dozen within about an hour’s drive from my house.

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I’ve yet to find a bartender that knows how to pour a Guinness properly. In fact, most bars don’t even serve it on tap any more. They think popping open a can of Guinness Draught is acceptable. Idiots.

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I drink beer about 97% of the time and even brew my own. Occasionally I’ll have a rum & coke or a white russian. I cannot stand wine, the stuff grosses me out.

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I’m a BUD man, it’s wiser too…....did you see what I did there. I amaze myself sometimes, I really do.
Whiskey tastes like horse piss, wine’s not bad though. I prefer red :¬)

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^ I’m giggling at the statement “whiskey tastes like horse piss” after claiming you’re a Bud man. Clydesdale urine FTL.

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^ Tsk, there’s no accounting for taste I guess.

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I like red wine two or three times a week. I find that many of the reds have a more robust flavour than the whites.

Very, very occasionally I have a martini.

I don’t like getting drunk, I just like the warm feeling that first drink gives me.

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@The_Idler, the “hand pulled” type taps are not popular in the USA, but our microbrew and craft beers certainly deserve, and get, recognition. Some beers use a nitrogen pressure system; nitrogen of course doesn’t oxidize the beer, thus keeping it fresher.

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@ucme PRECISELY. i hate hate hate hate hate hate hate whiskey. sssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

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Beer at home (MGD), Liquor when I’m out (Crown Royal).

I always drink the same things, especially when I’m not home, and never stray. I live in Vegas, and trust me the last thing you want to be is sloppy hammered on the strip; thats how you get into trouble real fast. I find drinking the same thing constantly helps me easily regulate how drunk I am.

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I’m a hophead like @GeorgeGee. I haven’t had Mojo IPA, but living on the West Coast this is IPA heaven over here. There are plenty of fantastic beers. My favorite is Pliny the Elder.

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I love beer, especially ales! Red wine is nice with meals, and I do like the odd glass of scottish whisky as a night cap!

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@diavolobella Cruzan banana rum Oh that sounds delicious. I’ve never heard of that before. Don’t think we can get it in the UK.

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@GeorgeGee Yes I’ve had a few of these little American beers, they’re just as good as English beer. In fact, much the same. The IPA seems to be a very popular style for North America, and I do enjoy it, but I’d really like to try an American porter or stout (my favourite). Are they available in many bars over there?

Someone said something about hand-pulled meaning the same as “on-tap”, which it doesn’t. And then indicated they thought that hand-pulled beer is a new development, when it’s much older than “gas-pushed” beer you find “on-tap” in America. Nitrogen propulsion, though? Ingenious. No bubbles, no nasty taste, and no effort required to pour one… ain’t heard of that before.

Also they suggested that American craft-brewing is nothing new [insert joke about everything in America being new] but as far as I know, it wasn’t until the last 20 years or so that consumers began to really reject the commercial beers and craft brewing properly took off. Certainly, not many people outside of the USA know it’s happened yet, if you speak to most Brits, they’ll say, “you can’t get beer over there,” although I know that you can and I know that they’ve done very well.

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Yuengling makes a porter that’s okay. We happen to have the brewery right here in town, so I’m not sure how common it is. And no one seems to carry that on tap, either. I honestly have no idea what “hand-pulled” means.

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Back on topic, here is an interesting map of Europe, which shows the relative prevalence of beer vs wine vs vodka drinking, I’m sure the colour coding will be obvious.

You might be surprised at how much of Germany drinks wine, considering their beer-making/drinking reputation, but the Rheinland is actually fantastic wine-growing land, and I have sampled many fine whites along the Rhine and btw that’d make a great holiday for any wino, you can just get on and off the boats that go down the river and wander through the vineyards. Lots of opportunities to taste in the vineyards and towns. Oh, and everything else about the Rhineland is also incredible.

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You can’t beat a good pint of Guinness well poured but I like a nice lager too. I am not keen on wine.

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Hand pulled is how you would prefer your Guinness, not out of a can……. ;-/

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I like them all under different circumstances. Beer (proper English real ale) is for spending an evening in the pub with mates. Wine (merlot or rioja) is for having with a meal, or a romantic night out with my partner. The only hard liqor I drink is good quality single malt scotch which I occasionally drink at home in the evening, but this is so infrequent that a bottle will last me between 6 and 12 months. It’s expensive stuff and I don’t like to waste it.

On a trip to Prague I picked up a bottle of their local liquor called Becherovka. It was so delicious that it lasted about three weeks. Can’t get a replacement over here though.

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@Seek_Kolinahr & everyone else wondering, hand pulled means pumped up out of the cellar by hand, like an old fashioned water-pump, but much smoother, thankfully.


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@deni Vile stuff indeed.

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Wine ( at home), occasionally mixed drink if I like the special , and I am at a bar, or resteraunt. beer if I am having nachos.

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@The_Idler Yes. There are bars in the States that serve hand pulled beers. But it’s referred to as hand drawn. I can think of a few in lower Manhattan alone.

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^ Oh, well, Manhattan.

That’s basically the cultural epicenter of America. Here in ol’ Tampa, not so much. ^_^

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I hate beer, but I like Framboise. I prefer a wine/liquor mix such as sangria. I’m really into Moscato right now. Amaretto is my favorite liqueur.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Ah, but here are some beer places in Tampa Bay, some of which have regular cask ale tastings. Mostly cask ales are dispensed through beer engines.

In fact this one talks about it on their website.
So, humpf. Even in ol’ Tampa.

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1. Oldsmar Tap House – Hour drive from my house. Dammit.

2. Mr. Dunderbaks’ – OK. Dunderbak’s is awesome. Pricey, but awesome.

3. Tampa Bay Brewing Company – How have I never seen this place?

4. Dunedin Brewery 1½ hour drive. Dammit again.

5. New World Brewery – Meh.

6. The Mellow Mushroom – An hour away, too.

7. World of Beer – They’re not kidding when they say “packed”. Good place to go for bottles. I wouldn’t hang out there, though.

8. Tank’s Tap Room – they just opened a year ago. I’ll admit I haven’t gone inside yet.

9. The Independent – 1½ hours away, too.

10. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse – Might have to go there. ^_^

I’m pretty sure driving to Brandon, Dunedin, or St. Pete is the equivalent of you driving to Conneticut for a beer.

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Well now, as a true New Yorker, I don’t drive anywhere. (I respect the planet too much.) I have, however ridden the subway for over an hour just to get to a specific bar.

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If I had access to such efficient public transportation, I would totally use it. We don’t even have a bus line within a 20 minute drive from my house.

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I’m not partial to any one of the three, it just depends on my mood at the time.

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@The_Idler I’m reminded of the old Eric Idle gag (and here he’s definitely talking about the mass produced fizz) that “American beer is like making love in a canoe. F*cking close to water”

Which of course could be used against any number of crappy English ‘beers’ as well.

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@meiosis Yeah, in recent years, as America has begun to regain her senses (in this respect), Britain has begun to lose hers. It’ll blow over though. Pop-Lager is just fashionable crap made for children.

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Sometimes I like rums or whiskeys. Sometimes wine or champane. Sometimes beer….. All depends. Sometimes absinthe.

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@The_Idler What are your feelings on Newcastle Brown Ale? because apart from Guinness Stout, I think Newcastle is the best stuff going, as far as what I can pick up at the shops along with dinner.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Bottle-wise, I drank so much Newcy B when I was around 16–17 that I’ve got a little tired of it. I progressed to Theakston’s Old Peculier.

Something a little lighter, and also very nice is Shepherd’s Neame Bishop’s Finger.
Drank a lot of that…

Another favourite is Wychwood’s Hobgoblin, though it’s a bit heavy for a session.

Those are some great bottles you (well, I) can get anywhere, and I’d recommend ordering some to try if you can’t get it in the shop, and it doesn’t cost too much (it’s about £1.80ea in the shop here).

I just finished a lovely pale ale known as Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, which was very pleasant, I’d never had it before, as I’ve only just moved to Yorkshire for university. Ah so many new beers to try… I’m having a dayful of ale and pie tomorrow!

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I like to keep ‘Bitch creek ale’ on hand ( Rocky Mtn. brewing Co. ) for those girls night hangouts! lol

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I hate beer and haven’t yet found a wine that i like. So i suppose liquor? I like cocktails and liqueurs. Oh, and ciders (which might fall under beer) and other similar sweet stuff. Sherry isn’t too bad either.

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@The_Idler have you tried Sheffield’s Vale of Ale yet? Start at the New Barrack Tavern on Penistone Road and end up, via Kelham Island, at the Riverside. There’s about 6 or 7 cracking real-ale pubs to be sampled in a few miles (I was very ‘refreshed’ by the end so I can’t be quite sure)

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@meiosis sounds good, might mention it to His Excellency, The Grandmaster of Sheffield University Real Ale Society. Not that I’ve any idea who he is, but I mean, that we meet is inevitable.

Maybe I should run for Grandmaster next year… sound good on my CV,
“I gained leadership skills in my role as….”

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I’ll have a Belgian white beer from the opening choices. All alcoholic choices available ? give me a nice dry cider. Please and thank you.

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Speaking of drinking….oh man, I have not had anything to drink for a few months, but, I have been painting my new house for like 30 hours this week and last night I had 5, yes, count them, FIVE, “Bikini Blonde” hawaiian beers. Shocking! It was so hot and after drinking about a gallon of water all day I cracked a beer on the porch and next thing you know I had FIVE! I never drink that much but it really didn’t effect me much as I was super andrenilined out from all my activity.

Admittedly I am rather foggy this morning but it is a day of well earned rest so I will loiter on fluther and lounge around and watch a movie today. haha

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