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Why are men hairier than women?

Asked by Tennis5tar (1263points) March 23rd, 2007
Random question, but intreguing to find out the answer!
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There are obviously a number of factors contributing to men being hairier than women but I believe that it is predominantly caused by higher levels of testosterone (for public hair), dihydrotestosterone (for facial hair), and related hormones in men. These hormones are manufactured primarily by the testes, which explains why human males do not become hairier than their female counterparts until their testes develop during puberty.

This biological effect is reinforced by social norms, that dictate women remove hair from their legs, armpits, face, bikini line, etc.

The cause-behind-the-cause may be related to sexual dimorphism.

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Ah Hah, thank you :)
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because of the cave men times so they kept warm whilst out hunting and women were round the camp fire keeping warm so men evolved hair to keep them warmer.

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How can you just “evolve” hair to keep you warmer…why don’t people in the 2 poles then “evolve” hair to keep warmer…women included… how can things just “evolve” from nothing .. makes no sense… really… think about it… if so, I would “evolve” many things on my body to make life just a little bit easier….

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The indigenous people of polar regions have evolved different hair with qualities suited to the their conditions.

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