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How many new year resolutions have you followed through with this year?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3046points) October 12th, 2010

As a follow up to my previous question I realised that I managed to go through with about half of them, but without any conscious effort (ie I mostly forgot I made them until I checked my profile today :D).

These are the ones I have successfully completed:

2. Be more patient, especially in poker
Not sure if I have completed this one yet, but I feel I am getting more patient as I keep playing

4. Try to make new friends
(I have made loads of new friends this year, mostly geeky ones but I didn’t realise how cool geeky friends could be before ^_^)

5. Try new foods that I usually wouldn’t try
I tried prawns, and they were okay. I plan to try some sushi next week and maybe some tofu ^_^.

6. Learn at least one new song on keyboard
Still Alive – Portal <3

7. Be less tight with money
I have definitely completed this, and quite noticeably. Before I was upset about flatmates being so lackadaisical about money – such as leaving the heating on ALL the time. Now I just don’t really seem to care. This is probably bad for the environment (and my pocket), but good for my psyche.

So what resolutions did you make this year, and how many have you completed/followed through with?

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I’ve completed I think three out of 9? I haven’t even been paying attention to this year.

I’ve completed:

>Live another year.
>Write a song.
>Learn Hat making. I’m still learning though.

The ones I failed were:
> Tell “him” that I’m absolutely crazy about him and love him.
> Kiss a guy. Not really caring about this one.
> Learn Japanese.
> Hold my breath for two minutes.
> Get a life.
> Own a monkey.

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If there’s an real ale that I’ve never had before on sale in the pub, always try it.

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I only really made one that I stuck to. I wanted to see if I could be a vegetarian for a year. Not because of ethical or health reasons, just wanted to see if it was something I could do. I did, then on new years day of the next year I had a huge juicy Pittsburgh rare steak :P

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None. I didn’t make any this year, because I usually never follow them. For 2011 though, I have one, and I intend to follow it

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I only had two: “Start having more fun”. and “Dye my hair red”.

I’m running out of time. Sadly (for me, not for her), my one close IRL friend fell pregnant this year, so my only prospective partying buddy has been out of commission.

I did finally cut my hair and (temporarily) dye it red. I have to go permanent, because I loved it. I just need to find the cashola it’ll take to buy the amount and quality of henna I need.

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1. Take guitar lessons – postponed until next year.
2. Finish my master’s thesis – postponed until next year.
3. Go on a real vacation – check!
4. Explore taking tai-chi – check! Decided it wasn’t for me and took dance lessons instead.
5. Develop a healthy lifestyle – postponed until next year.
6. Read at least two books unrelated to school – half way done.
7. Be kinder and more gentle to my loved ones – check!
8. Laugh – check!
9. Use my new camera at least once a week – not using it weekly, but I did take a photography class!
10. Create art and use my art room – I still need to do this! Year’s not over yet!
11. Volunteer somewhere – good idea. Still need to do it!
12. Develop deeper relationships w/ those I’ve neglected over the years – ongoing goal, have some progress in this area!

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^ I wanna do tai-chi! But I also wanna do bellydancing. Oh, decisions!

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1. Get back into playing tennis.
2. Eat healthier
3. See at least one friend I haven’t seen in a year
4. Help make someone else truly happy
5. Spend less time on the computer – Would have worked if I hadn’t discovered fluther this year and made awesome friends here. :)

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One: I vowed to stay away from any church, and so far I’ve succeeded.

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My quest for world domination is nearly complete.

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