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Upper sharp right leg pain by torso?

Asked by luv915 (1points) October 12th, 2010

I get a sharp pain in my upper right leg that is attached to torso.It hurts it comes & goes.can you please let me know what it can be? is it the appendix? Thanks

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Doesn’t sound like appendix, you don’t say whether it is at the front of your leg or the back. This makes a big difference! Your appendix is in your abdomen, on the right hand side, not near the top of your leg. This could be a muscle strain or a trapped or irritated nerve, but it is not possible to tell without more information – and that kind of information ought really to be taken to a health professional. If you are really worried, go to the Doctor anyway, it is not wise to take risks with your health!

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Could be sciatica – but a doctor is called for.

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Hip injury? Obviously, you will have to see a Dr. to find out what is the matter.

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