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Food for the week prior to running a race?

Asked by kimberly (32points) March 31st, 2008

I know, stick to carbs, but shouldn’t I eat lots of protein too? Any great meals for night before the race? Do I need to eat by a certain time if the run is at 8am? I’m not exactly in perfect shape for this run, but it’s short, and I’ll be drinking away my sore legs all day long.

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maybe some spaghetti?

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Just eat what you normally do all week (unless what you eat is especially unhealthy. Stick to the basics—you know, the food pyramid?). Carbo loading is more of a myth than anything. Just eat as early as you can on the morning of the race, and keep it light. And lots of water.

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not too much water before the race though! My friend actually overdosed on water before a race and at the end she literally froze, she was momentarily paralyzed or something and had to go to the doctor….she had not eaten enough, and drank way too much water. don’t overdo it!!!

i was also going to say maybe go easy on the dairy at least the day before…... and also maybe not tons of sugar. dairy can interfere with digestion and i think having too much sugar can mess with your energy level….

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spaghetti no sauce

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