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What is the best brand of work boots on the market?

Asked by Mikewlf337 (6257points) October 12th, 2010

I need a new pair of work boots. I want to get a pair that is sturdy, long lasting and with long lasting soles so I have good traction. I don’t want a pair that will wear out and fall apart after 6 months to a year. Any suggestions?

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I think CAT is the best!

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Doc Martens

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I agree with @Otto_King, CAT is the best. They have some “fancy” shoes/boots, but if you want something for actual work, get these.

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I have both Doc Martens and CATs and I find the CATs to be the most comfortable. Neither of them will wear out or fall apart anytime soon.

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I wear Addidas GSG 9.2’s to work.

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I loved my CAT boots. Till my dog ate them. That bastard!

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Back when we used to work summers at my uncle’s cattle ranch we wore Wolverine work boots. Those were super comfy and lasted forever.

As far as the Doc Marten’s go… I still use a pair I bought in Dublin in 1994. THEY WILL LAST LONGER THAN YOU.

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Wolverines are good. Infact it’s wolverine who makes CAT boots.

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I wear Vasque. On their site, the ones I wear are listed under backpacking, Sundowner. They have a wide, flat sole and one piece leather sides. They are waterproof up to about 3” of water. They have a Gore Tex lining too. Not cheap, my last pair was $165, i think. The full leather sides take a long time to break in well, but they are extremely comfortable. Not steel toe though, if that’s needed.

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i agree that the other boots are good but if you want the best, get a pair of red wings! there expensive, but well worth it! i would also recomend getting ones with a resoleable sole and ones made in the united states.

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