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What do you go to first, 'Questions for You' or 'Activity You're Following'?

Asked by ketoneus (1169points) March 31st, 2008

When I log into Fluther, I always go to ‘Activity You’re Following,’ followed by ‘Questions for You.’ What does everyone else do?

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Comments, activity, then questions.

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this is my first day but in the future ill probably go for activity youre following first.

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I’m still new to all this.

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I do Activity first because it requires less thought. Usually I read through all the new posts and then decide if I want to reply. Questions usually require me to think through things a little bit more.

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perchik: i am utterly amazed by your score. thats a lot of participation.

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Questions, activity

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Heh. Johnpowell has me beat by around 30%

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I’m like Perchik, I look through the questions, then activity, then questions for me. Basically for the same reason. I decide what I want to answer, then think about it while I check on what everyone else said about questions I answered.

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I don’t ever get questions for me. :(

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@monsoon: Fill out your profile. That’s how the fluther gods know which questions to send you. (I know it’s some sort of computerized thing, but I like to imagine sferik sitting amongst stacks of papers trying to keep track of who is expert in each area, and then forwarding each question.)

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Activity, comments, and questions-for-you rarely suit me. I need to choose new keywords, and drop the iPhone keyword especially (even though I had my iPhone since zero-day and done everything under the sun to it.)

squirbel: iPhone $: sudo rm -R /etc /var /system /core

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I don’t use either.

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activity i m following and then question for me

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Comments, activity, then questions, and if I’m desperate to avoid doing work, Home or even browsing other people’s profiles.

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I’m like Delerium: Comments, Activity, then Questions For You… then (time permitting) I go through all the questions, because there have been some that I was interested in that did not get directed to me. Once there was even a question posted specifically for me, but they spelled my name wrong, and the “Topics” they used didn’t correlate with those in my profile.

In fact. I find the “Topics” to be a bit of an issue in Fluther, because there doesn’t seem to be a consistent use of terminology. And since we know that spelling is questionable among the general population, I do see misspellings in Topics which also means the questions will not be distributed as intended.

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