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Is the name "paco" in a beatles song?

Asked by goldilocks (273points) March 31st, 2008 from iPhone

in the movie “across the universe” all of the characters have names from beatles songs ( ie: sadie from sexy sadie and max from maxwells silver hammer) but there is a man named paco that I cannot find the song for. Does anyone know the song?

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I never could find the relevance of “Paco.” Good luck!

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Across the Universe is not all Beatles songs, they do have the most material in the movie, but there are other references in it. Great movie by the way (o:

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I have researched this since your question and cannot find Paco in any of their lyrics

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Thanks for trying! Haha

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No problem, that’s what fluther is all about haha

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@ amanda:all the song on across the universe are written by beatles. Great movie.

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I believe it’s in one of their Anthologies which includes songs that were not released, bloopers etc. I am an avid Anthology listener so I will keep my… ears peeled.

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@cake- that’s what I thought at first but i was told differently? I think I’ll stick with you on being right, haha

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@amanda:yes all the songs are written by Paul or John except two are written by George.
my brother and i are obsessed.

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Haha thank u all for keeping ur “ears peeled” ;)

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Paco is short for Francisco so maybe a reference to San Francisco the last large concert The Beatles performed.

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