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In a bread machine, what is an important "extra" to add when pouring the mix in?

Asked by Aster (18947points) October 12th, 2010

I have 4 boxes of mix from 2 winters ago. I guess they’re too old to use? But what can I put into the machine besides the mix that really makes any kind of bread taste better? The actual auto baking smelled fantastic but the bread itself was just ok. Can you double up the yeast? That’s a great flavor.

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@erichw1504 You’re lucky this a Social Q…. Double up the yeast is fine, especially if the package is old.

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@Tropical_Willie ! I was wanting to try it but I thought it might explode. Can’t wait to see if it tastes better. Thank you so much!

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No explosion, maybe an extra strong yeast taste. Less than double or triple rise, taste that is.

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Use the old mixes and toss in a cup and a ½ or so of chicken scratch grains, then, ship to your fluther pals geese in California. lolol

Yep, I once had bread baking in my machine for the geezers..a friend dropped by and wanted to have a slice, told him he’d break a tooth with my barnyard recipe. hahaha

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Make raisen bread! Mmm..add a little honey, cinnamon and raisens!

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@Coloma thanks, C. Maybe sugar too.
BTW; please don’t tell me your avatar is near your house. Please, no. lol puts fingers in ears.

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Yes, just down the road a few minutes. :-)

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I usually add four teaspoons of vital wheat gluten when I make whole-wheat bread. I’m not certain what the science is, but the bread rises better, comes out softer, and doesn’t taste as bitter as without the extra gluten.

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