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How do I cook with squash blossoms?

Asked by kneck (52points) March 25th, 2007
En Mexico, se cocinan quesadillas con "esquash blossoms." Do I need to sautee the squash blossoms first, or do I just put them in with the raw cheese and cook?
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grill 'em lightly in a pan first, then put 'em in the quesadilla.
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there’s tons of ways to do that… I don’t have any first hand experience with cooking them but I do have a lot of experience eating them. the squash flower is called “flor de calabaza” and its use is not limited to quesadillas. theres a delicious creamy soup you can make with them.
To answer your question, I’m pretty sure you should at least minimally cook the flowers/blossoms. If I were you I’d experiment. If I was trying for the first time I’d probably boil them.

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