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Treatment for Penile Candida?

Asked by James17555 (204points) October 13th, 2010

Can candida be effectively cured using yogurt? I do not want to see a urologist. What other methods could I use?

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put some lamisil on it

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It can, but then, you’ve got yogurt in your pants.

It would be just as easy to pick up a tube of miconazole (Vagisil) at the drugstore, and just use it topically.

I find the 3 or 7 day treatments are more effective than the one-day.

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Clotrimazole 1% + hydrocortisone 1% topically for 2 weeks after symptoms resolve

Predisposing factors should be sought and addressed – obesity, diabetes, antibiotics, immunosuppressive agents including steroids, neutropenia and immunodeficiency.


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