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Why have cable anymore?

Asked by iamthemob (17137points) October 13th, 2010

Considering that you can hook up your computer to most televisions these days, and considering high-speed internet makes streaming video easy and practical – if you have these resources available, is there any reason for cable television, or television at all?

And if so, why should you pay so much more for it than a simple internet connection?

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Because not every one wants to watch stuff on their computer all the time. Especially if you have a family, who wants to crowd around a computer?

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I agree.I use cable for internet,but not tv,as I rarely watch it anymore.I don’t miss it at all

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But that’s not the question – considering that the hard drive can be hooked up to most televisions, is there any reason other than tech catch-up?

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@lucillelucillelucille – Neither do I – I actually wonder “How did I live with it?” now

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I only watch basic cable.

Everything else I can get from the web. Except a blowjob.

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@ChazMaz – you can order anything on the internet, these days. Event that, I’m pretty sure.

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Don’t worry, @ChazMaz. That’ll be along soon.

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I don’t have cable I just hook my laptop up to my TV and then I use netflix / hulu to stream pretty much whatever show I want.

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@mrlaconicexactly my strategy.

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I don’t have cable (satellite, etc). My TV needs are met by Hulu and Netflix. I also got another monitor so I can play movies or TV shows on that while still doing what I usually do on the other. Also, kudos to Silverlight for letting you play something full screen and do other stuff (screw you, Flash).

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@mrentropy What exactly is Silverlight? I’ve had it on my computer since I got a couple of months ago, and I still don’t know what to do with it

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@Aesthetic_Mess It’s Microsoft’s answer to Flash. So, it allows for having applications running in your browser. Basically. Very basically.

There’s also Moonlight, which is an open source version that runs on Linux. I’m not sure how well it works since I can’t find anything that works with it. Netflix definitely doesn’t.

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I am the same as @ChazMaz. Basic cable is cheap and has Raymond, King of Queens, Two ½ Men, and other favorite shows in syndication. If I miss an important show, I usually just download and watch it on my computer.

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And, I hope boxee works well.

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I haven’t had cable since 2007 and haven’t missed it yet because any cable shows I like get to Netflix or Hulu.

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We have Direct TV. While I could hook up the tv to the computer for most of what I watch, it’s much easier to have direct tv for my son when he gets to watch tv.

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Because I’m old and haven’t realized the advantages of living in the 21st century and I’m too damned lazy to figure it out.

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What? Two big screen tv’s and we’d have CABLE?? No way; we have had a satellite forever. Not full programming, though. Besides; how could I watch Sister Wives and The Bachelor ?

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That’s totally valid. ;-)

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@iamthemob : Sad, isn’t it? Ah, well, someday…

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High def sports.

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Good question. I have not watched television on an actual television in years. My parents do; otherwise I probably would not have one in my house.

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I haven’t had cable TV since June of this year and I don’t miss it.

The only show I watch, Survivor, is available to watch in full episode format online for free. As far as the news, I stay informed by either watching it a bit after the fact via Newscaster on our Roku player, online, or from NPR.

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What am I missing here? Yes the computer hooks up to the TV, but the TV only comes in on the cable. How do you have TV without cable? Or can you get it on the antenna?

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Besides the fact that we still live in relative internet dark ages over here and therefore can’t even begin to think of comfortably watching programs through the internet, i also don’t like watching movies or any TV things on the computer, i like my bigger screen TV’s, they have better sound connected to them and i get to laze on a comfy couch while watching them, so i’m happy with this set up. So yes, i’d pay to keep that.

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Good question – high-speed internet can be a DSL connection, but you’re right cable is the best at this point.

So you still have to deal with cable companies…but if you have high speed and basic cable, you’re generally paying twice as much as just the high speed. So it’s still dealing with cable service, just paying less than having the cable television.

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I didn’t have cable in the first place. Waste of good time.

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@Nullo How do you access your internet?

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@YARNLADY DSL. I get a respectable connection speed out of it.

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