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Besides Fluther, what are some unique websites you visit that you don't think are commonly known?

Asked by diavolobella (7920points) October 13th, 2010

We all visit a lot of websites, I’m sure, but what I’m looking for here are unusual sites that you think are special for some reason that others might never have heard of. Little hidden treasures of the Internet that you’d like to share. Tell me about them and why you like them.

Here are two of my favorites:
(Beautifully rendered, charming and gentle little games)
(Live cam view of Santa Claus’ office at Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland – it’s just so pretty and it’s fun to watch Santa hanging out in his office during the holidays and to look at the outdoor view any time.)

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lots of websites stumbleupon give you are not commonly known.

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@Aesthetic_Mess Stumbleupon has given me this one, which I really enjoy when I’m stressed out
(soundboard with ocean, chimes, rain, etc. sounds you can control)

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Crowdfunding for new bands.

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Probably some people know this one, but I just rediscovered it in my old bookmarks the other day:

This one is simple, meaningless and hypnotizing:

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@perg. The Brick Testament is incredible! Thanks

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NSFW :-)


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@ChazMaz Oh dear lord. That site went kind of dormant a while back and I haven’t looked at it in years. You do need to warn folks that it’s the king of NSFW.

ETA: After glancing at it again, I think it STILL hasn’t been updated in years. Plenty of eye-popping stuff (some literally) for the new kids, though.

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@diavolobella cool, I should play that when I’m sleeping

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There are a few that I enjoy on my profile including Get Glue, and Are You Watching This?.

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Ever wonder how to do something? If so, then check out this website.

Would you like to learn a bit more about classical music? You might find that you already know more than you think from this website.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Merci beaucoup for that second website!!!! :D

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Nabisco has some surprisingly nice games, especially their Mahjong

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I have just discovered which is always good for a chuckle!

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The Oatmeal is always hilarious.

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I second I also visit Treehugger (environment), Inhabitat (sustainability blog with focus on product design and architecture), Quora (another question site), The Big Picture (photojournalism) and Mint Design Blog (fashion, decorating, architecture).

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@Neizvestnaya I totally forgot about free rice! Love that one. And thanks to @xxii for pegging a bunch of my interests.

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Ecogeek is also a fantastic site focused on green technology.

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@Neizvestnaya Free Rice is very cool. Thank you

downtide's avatar This is my favourite ever forum. It’s for players of Second Life, but it’s just full of so much stuff, I love it. It’s a match for Fluther in terms of maturity and intelligence.

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Oh, Snap! Did you hear that slap across ben and andrews face with that question?

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And my Tiddly Wiki home page of bookmarks, courtesy of

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@filmfann How is my asking people what other websites they like besides Fluther a slap in anyone’s face?

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@diavolobella The question is: Besides Fluther, what are some unique websites you visit that you don’t think are commonly known?
Translation: Not including Fluther, What websites has no one heard of?

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You are interpreting the question in a way that was never intended. I am asking if people know of other sites that are unique, as Fluther is unique, that are not commonly known. I happen to adore Fluther or I would not have become so involved here and I would never insult anyone here.

There is also a vast difference between referring to a site as not being commonly known and never having been heard of by anyone (which I never said). That’s a pretty big leap. I think it’s pretty obvious what I was asking and since no one else misinterpreted it, I don’t see any issue whatsoever. It was a simple question asking everyone to share other sites they like and it’s been really enjoyable.

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This odd little site consists of a community of people from all over the world who chat about whatever comes into their heads. I haven’t visited for a long time and so I am not sure if it is still going since the man who started it is now deceased.

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I really like browsing through

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I think a few jellies know about this section of photobucket, but I’m sure that very few people outside of Fluther do.

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A little site called

@Aster. The Jim Bakker Show. Wow.

I was a good little boy and didn’t laugh in my moms face when his empire came crashing down.

The first time I saw Kevin Spacey was in the made for network movie about the scandal.

@Austinlad Very nice!

LuckyGuy's avatar is great if you need support for a long term medical condition.

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Well, it’s been 4 years and my favourite two sites are still SLUniverse and Fluther.

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If you find yourself growing bored with the pre-packaged fonts in Windows, this link (1001freefonts) is the best place to turn.

For tea lovers, is a great place to visit, shop & order online.

For a look at current events from a fresh perspective unhindered by corporate spin, is really good.

For book lovers, is the best place to search for books of interest. The site tracks books that are available, frequently from booksellers not commonly known, and recent prices for both new and used editions. In addition,, and are excellent and reliable.

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