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How do you go about preserving a dream car even before day one?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10280points) October 13th, 2010

So, let’s pretend I saved up all my pennies and bought a GT-R from Nissan. Not to drive it. Ha, how rediculous. I want to save it of course just like I saved all that money!

So, industrial sized drum of cosmoline? Ideally a normal two car garage would be the storage site, with the hopes of returning it to the market place in 30 years.

I know…in 30 years we’ll have flying, electric/wind powered hybrid, automated, X-wings…...

but lets pretend that the car will appreciate if preserved well.


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The only thing I can think of is to keep it in a garage with a cover over it and keep the garage temperature controlled as well.

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Ok, so drain all the fluids…check. Put some sort of rubber conditioner on the rubber seals…

maybe a special humidity controlled bag? Maybe have the engine professionally removed and stored nearby like the heart of tutankamun next to the mummy?

I was thinking maybe you could try to get Nissan to help from before it was mfg.ed…

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Most car collectors would want the car to have always been in “resale” condition.

I would say yes climate controlled garage, keep the engine in it!!

Also it doesnt make the car worth any less to keep the fluids in it and crank it once a month.
You dont even have to drive it anywhere but at least keep it in running order.

I dont even know lambo or ferrari owners who would go thru all the trouble you are talking about :)

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From what I’ve heard/seen, it’s better to keep the engine fluid-filled and run it every once in a while rather than keeping it empty and not running it for 30 years.

I would also keep the room climate/humidity controlled, and have air purifiers to keep excess dust from building up.

I’d also wash and wax it once in a while to keep everything moist and nice.

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