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Asked by Elumas (3170points) March 31st, 2008 from iPhone

What type of razor should a newbie start out with? Electric or non-electric?

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Electrics suck. Get a your self one of flexo blades or whatever. They’re a good one to start out with. Then move on to the power MACH III TURBO POWER.

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As you can tell in my picture, I rarely shave. So, I say, just let it grow.

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I personally like to use a long hunting knife but that’s just me.

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Sensitive skin?- go electric
Want a baby smooth face?- go razor
Don’t want to spend too much time thinking about your facial hair?- go electric
Like to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror?- go razor
Is cost a factor?- go razor
Are you a hairy beast?- probably should go razor

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KEVBRO, what it is? Always witty, as usual!

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Jus’ lettin’ it grow, bulbro!

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well…if you are going to shave your palm like i do, then nair it! Other than that you can use your dad’s RAMBO KNIFE.

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Gooo Rambo knife!

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In refrence to saving money with a razor. I find that unlikely. Investing in a decent electric shaver will save you tons of money over time. Razors cost more than their weight in gold.

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@Spargett Not a straight razor! You just hone it on a piece of leather, and it’s sharp as ever. Kevbro never said “disposable”! Electrics use electricity, therefore, they use money. Think, before you’re so quick to criticize!

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@spargett, you’re right, but I was thinking in terms of up front costs (assuming the questioner is younger and doesn’t have a lot of disposable income). If I were to get a new electric, I’d want a self cleaning, and those run around $100 and up as far as I can tell. You can buy around 500 Bic disposables for the same money.

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hey guys… what if Elumas is a girl ???

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I’m a dude thank you.

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ok well that clarifies things… :0)
As you can see, this gnome doesn’t condone razors.

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@mcbealer, that would have been pretty funny.

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Wet shave could save money,and it’s “The Real Thing”.

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@kevbo Yep, I’m a grower!

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