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If you could invent any object without a funding limit or rational limit for that matter, what would it be and why?

Asked by Finley (833points) October 13th, 2010

Be creative, what would you invent?

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The portal gun is pretty nifty.

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I would invent a serum that could change the physiology of people’s minds, making them able to free themselves from primitive ways of clinging to old cultures, doctrines, and societal pressures. It would essentially make them more open-minded.

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@Blackberry but those close-minded people kind of keep the rest of us grounded. If no one held firmly to their beliefs then think about how different America would be today; our political system, educational system, society (teen drinking, drugs, sex, etc.) Anyone can be open-minded if you say the right things to make them listen.

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Hmmm, dilema dilema. If I can only invent one thing, I would need to make it a noble invention, something that can feed or cure. Will I be noble or will I go the selfish route.

Ok, here is one that should incorporate a bit of both, a massive space ship capable of traveling above the speed of light, with the capacity to house millions of people, as well as mine asteroids, terraforming, as well as using a system of nanobots to self repair and self expand.

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I really want a TARDIS.

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Star Trek-style Matter Replication Systems. Goodbye poverty and hunger. Badabing.

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I’m with @Blueroses. TARDIS please!

Or possibly the Holodeck.

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Perpetual motion machine.


Well it still takes energy to create matter. That’s where my invention comes in! ;)

I keep forgetting how to spell “Kolinahr”. It’s a bit silly that there would be a silent h in the Romanization of a language that does not use English characters.

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^ Well, if it didn’t have it, imagine how many people would pronounce it “Kohl-in-AIR”. I already spend enough time correcting “Sauron” (SOW-ron, not SOAR-on)

And, the Matter Replication system creates its own energy through atom splicing. It doesn’t create matter, rather breaks down surrounding matter at the subatomic level, and rearranges the particles to create what is required. It can also convert unbreathable air into breathable air, including converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

From Wiki: “Replicators can also convert matter into energy. Following that principle, the device can dismantle any object into subatomic particles. The ensuing energy can then be stored for future use or immediately applied in a subsequent replication. This process is referred to as “recycling”, and is applied to everything from dirty dishes to outgrown children’s clothes.”

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@Seek_Kolinahr Couldn’t someone just lob an accent or macron or something over the ‘a’?
Thereby making it impossible to type on a US-101 keyboard :D

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Something that would transform matter into coherent energy, perceptive, interactive energy…sort of like an “Afterlife guarantee machine.”

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