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What are you insulted by on the internet?

Asked by zen_ (6281points) October 14th, 2010

What offends you?

You can’t really curse someone out here in fluther as it gets modded. You can’t really insult someone – offend them – without their participation, n’est ce pas? Psychologists here: what say you?

In any event, a lot of jellies are sensitive and that’s fine. But what really irks you, gets your goat – ticks you off.

What makes it really personal, and gloves off?

No, this has nothing to do with anyone or anything in particular. I’m curious because there is no tone here, and little to go by other than actual words and phrases and a little ~ now and then – which is oft forgotten.

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Mean spirited comments that “fly under the radar.” They are not mean enough to get modded, but carry a message that is insulting. But, having said that, not much anyone can say or do really hurts my feelings….“old birds” have a tough skin!

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I read the Main Part of the Question as being about the Internet, but the details seem Fluther-specific . . . As for the internet, I am not too keen on all the hate sites that exist (so I avoid them, but am sorry a kid might stumble over one of them and become inspired to behave similarly).

As for Fluther, if it gets personal, I just PM someone and share my more candid thoughts. It doesn’t happen often.

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By the same things that would insult me or hurt me in real life.

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It frustrates me to no end when people turn a good argument into a bad fight. It amazes me sometimes how you can have a good debate going for twenty or so back and forth responses and then suddenly one person flies off the handle, stops making rational points and starts insulting the people on the other side of the topic.

Insults don’t bother me. I wouldn’t mind somebody starting a salient point by saying, ”@crazyivan, you ignorant slut…” as long as they followed it up with something meaningful and relevant. It’s when the intellectual end of the debate disappears and it just becomes incoherent venom that I roll my eyes.

…oh, and people needlessly flagging my on-topic answers when they feel that they’re lost an argument, but there’s only one person who’s done that to me (twice).

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Racism and name- calling.

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What gets me about the internet is that people often hide behind the anonymity in order to be nasty and insulting. In person, people tend to have more tact most of the time because they are more easily held accountable. If you say something insulting to my face, I can retaliate and I know who you are. If you say something insulting on here, you can turn off the computer and walk away.

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small lettering

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Anything that someone states in a thread that, if done in real life, would be considered rude (apparently because the anonymity of the internet makes it okay).

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Subpar sandwich making.

And people who don’t take questions seriously ~

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@bob_ – You sure know how to make fluids shoot out my nose!

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@ChazMaz As long as it’s only from your nose…

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People who assume things too quickly.

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and have done it myself more than once, I know

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We all have. At least you are aware of it. Some people don’t have a clue.

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The thing that bothers me most on the internet as whole is advertising!! I know it’s a necessary evil but it boils my piss no end the amount of times I have to sit through the same advert, time & time again…….. That’s it :-/

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@BoBo1946 What you said.

I find it insulting when someone takes something you wrote and intentionally twists it, knowing full well they are deliberately misinterpreting not only your words but the motivation behind them and then tries to use their misinterpretation as ammunition to either get you into trouble (“Oooh, look what SHE said) or make you look bad or ill intentioned. I don’t understand why someone would do that, especially when it’s obvious your question was harmless and your intentions were good.

It’s one thing to point out if someone didn’t phrase a question perfectly and it could maaaaybe be misinterpreted (even if it’s obvious from all the other responses that it wasn’t), but you could do that privately (or not at all, because is that really necessary, esp. if no one else took it the wrong way?). It’s another matter entirely to know full well the writer didn’t mean it in the way you are suggesting, and to try to make them look bad or embarrass them and kill what had been a nice conversation. That’s just mean spirited.

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Comments on local newspaper stories. Our esteemed reporters are really shitty at fact checking and it seems there are always the same 4 asshats jumping on the truthiness flamethrower to shoot down anybody trying to correct story details.

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Whatever insults me and pisses me off on the internet, is the same that insults and pisses me off away from the internet. Sheer stupidity gets to me, as does the inability to apologize for false assumptions and allegations.

I also despise any argument/debate about religion, because inevitably, some “superior” atheist has to throw in comments that either insinuate or flat out state that theists are stupid, delusional morons who are incapable of intelligent thought.

I also cringe when I see a lot of grammatical errors that should have been corrected in the 6th grade.

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@WillWorkForChocolate: Amen to the grammar mistakes.

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It irks me to no end that when people read written words they automatically assign the tone of voice they have inside their heads to them. Take this short sentence:

That man is dirty.

It can be read with many varying intonations, and all carry different meanings. Some of those meanings are definitely pejorative.

People often assume incorrectly that the voice they hear in their heads is the one that was intended by the writer, and they may indeed be way off base.

I’m also flabbergasted that I cannot get Patrick Stewart’s stentorian voice out of my own head whenever I read a question from @zen_ .

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@diavolobella could not agree more! Recently, a member here did that on a religious question. The person twisted my comment to harass rather than discuss! Wish I had walked away, but got sucked into a long rather useless discussion. No one ever wins! Just wasted time.

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McAfee popups. When I had my pc repair, I thankfully talked to the guys before I picked it up and said, “Oh, and take that obnoxious McAfee off !!” and he said, “I can do that.” I am so glad I remembered. What a huge relief.

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Little if anything. What I don’t like, I ignore, or at least prepare myself. Sites with spam, loops, and viruses tick me off. As for Fluther, if I get bored or angry, I tend to leave-as i largely did with Answerbag. ;-)

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People always confuse me with the President of the Committee for Information and the Defense of Democracy. In South Africa.

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Exactly what I would say.

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Slurs against LGBT people, especially transsexuals. That makes it personal. But while I see plenty of that elsewhere on the internet, I haven’t really seen it here. I guess the mods do a good job at keeping that stuff under control.

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Censorship offends me.

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People who criticise grammar or spelling in arguments about completely unrelated things.

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People who say the user is wrong rather than asking for clarification on the information. One is a personal attack, the other is an opening for discussion.

Users who falsely claim credentials they don’t have.

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By telling you what really “ticks me off,” I would be giving you the ability to “tick me off.” Therefore, I shall not tell you what really “ticks me off!” : D

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your/you’re, to/too, teh, haz, pretty much all lolcatz spellings make my eyeballs bleed.

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Not being able to give @YARNLADY 2 Great Answers for that last one.

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The only insults that hurt, are the ones that are true. Very little on the Internet is personal, therefore, (at least in my case) I find it difficult to be insulted on the net. I’m more likely to be shocked. For example, a “friend” directed me to a snuff film. I was traumatized. Yet, I used to be a cop with thick skin. Go figure.

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@otandy Welcome to fluther. Link to the film, please?

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Homophobia and ageism are the big ones for me. You better believe I’m going to say something about it if I see it.

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advertising that tries to trick you into clicking on it… like you have a virus click here to save your computer… ect

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I’m not as sure of this site but on others I would say people who are sneaky enough to hurl an insult to you or your character as an intellectuality sounding post. Not an effective disguise to this cat. I have seen this method applied by many who cannot prove their argument against you so they throw their own accusations at you.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Why put the word superior in quotes?

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@FutureMemory Because that’s always how it seems to come across. Many comments I read that are written by atheists seem so arrogant and rude in their insult of theists that they come across as believing themselves to be superior to theists. A good deal of the atheists I have tried to debate with in the past truly believe that since I believe in a deity, that makes me delusional and ignorant. In the course of the debate, their “superior attitude” was quite evident. That’s why I put superior in quotation marks.

I do not believe that anyone is more intelligent or less intelligent just because of what they choose to believe, and it irritates me that many atheists look down on theists, demean them, and call them stupid simply because they believe in God. It’s the attitude of it that bothers me. And yes, I’ve seen it here. I despise anyone who thinks belief in God makes me stupid. I further despise anyone who thinks it’s their right to insult and demean anyone who believes in a deity.

Apparently some atheists truly believe themselves to be superior to theists. I completely disagree. That’s why I put superior in quotation marks.

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Cry baby people that have an opinion, believing it should be law.

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@WillWorkForChocolate So wait, you say you don’t believe that anyone is more or less intelligent because of what they choose to believe, but that can’t be right. If I chose to believe that the sun revolved around the earth I think you could be justified in thinking I was a moron.

And I also believe that everyone believes their beliefs are superior to other beliefs. If not, they would not have those beliefs. Why would anyone argue about anything if they didn’t think that their side of the argument was superior to the other?

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@crazyivan sigh….... I refuse to get into an argument over this. I answered the question. The end.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I was just messin’ with ya. I knew that’s why you put it in quotes. It was an attempt at humor since the type of atheist you described fits me to a tee.

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@FutureMemory Ah, I see… I haven’t been very quick to catch humor and sarcasm lately. Sine my little one had her accident, I’ve been very scatterbrained.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I read about her in the other thread. What a terrible ordeal. I hope she recovers quickly.

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@FutureMemory Thanks. =0) Just waiting for her follow-up appt and repeat head CT on Nov 4th.

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