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Some creative help with naming something?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4912points) October 14th, 2010

I’m doff when it comes to thinking up interesting names, so could someone help me please? :)

It’s for a site that has to do with home made crafty things (it should be suitable for a blog and a sales website), so i’d like the name to have “crafts” or “crafty” in it. Or if you can think up something interesting that doesn’t use the word “craft” but that still implies crafty things, then i won’t mind suggestions like that as well!

Also, it must contain the name “Monique”, who is the owner of the site.

Finally, it must (preferably) be short and sweet (but if not, give the suggestion anyway and maybe i can figure something out), and if possible, cute too. :D

Thank you in anticipation…. :D

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Monicraft/ Craftique?

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Unique Monique’s Crafts.

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Hey, there’s something worth considering in both of those suggestions. :D
@john65pennington OR, Monique’s Unique Crafts!

Tnx guys. :)

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NaturallyMe, thanks. this is actually what i meant to say, but i have not had my coffee this morning. thanks for the switch-a-roo on the words. john

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<sends @john65pennington a thermos of freshly brewed coffee> There ya go, buddy.

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Monique’s Kraftworx

yes, I listened to a lot of 80’s punk. Why?

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“Crafty Doff”

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@NaturallyMe Check all names for trademarks first, at least one one the suggestions in a this thread is a TRADEMARK.

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Monique’s Craftique Botique

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Monique’s Sew Crafty ( & she’s just my type, bit of Beastie Boys thrown in the mix ) :¬_

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Monique’s Craft World©

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@ChazMaz :P !!! :)
@ucme That’s really cute, and would have worked for me too…had i known how to do some sewing. Unfortunately that’s one of the crafts i can’t do! :)

Tnx everybody, there are some cute ideas. :)

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Monique’s Attic
Chic Monique
Monique’s Craft Emporium

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How ‘bout “Naturally Monique”? (or just Naturally Me) ... your screen name says it all!

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@camertron Or even, Crafticly Monique

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Or a variation of @Austinlad‘s: Monique’s Craft Boutique.

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@camertron I didn’t even think about using my fluther name! That’d actually be cute. :)

And everybody, thanx for your great ideas! :) :)

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Monique’s a Very Crafy Lady!

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Monique’s Craft N Stuff or Uniquely Monique Crafts

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How about a combination…

Unique Monique, the Crafty Lady! : D

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Monique’s Crafts
Moniques’s Crafts and Creations
Monique’s Craft Galaxy
HandiCrafts by Monique
Monique’s Boutique

All of these are taken. Which leaves us with Monique’s Craftique. Or something that doesn’t mention either Monique or Crafts in the name… Euqinom?

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I would skip the craft part in the name. Sounds too much like a supply store (unless that is what this is about,lol).
No offense to the above answers, they are all great.
I just suggest you go another route with Folk Art in the name. Its the same thing as a craft but sounds like it is more art than craft supplies.

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Thanx for all the suggestions, i really appreciate it! :D

I’ve considered all of them….well….except maybe “Crafty Doff” ;P hehe

SO! I have 2 favourites, but i’m strongly leaning towards one of them. I’d like to use both but, i gotta choose one!

Just for interest’s sake, if anyone is still following this, can we have a poll for which one of these 2 you’d choose? :)

Naturally Me Creations
Uniquely Monique Crafts and Things

(FYI, it’s not a supply store, it’s a creative idea blog thingy, with future possibilities of selling home made crafts too – so below the name i’d write this: “Scrapbooking, Cards, Beading & Crafts”)


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Ok, my husband and mum choose the first one. :D AND, that name is not yet registered here. Cool. :)

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I like the first one. I have an aversion to the word unique.

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Well, of course I’ve gotta vote for Naturally Me Creations – just works for you, ya know?

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Uniquely Monique.

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