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What would clog a fuel filter with a white powder substance?

Asked by risingonashes (282points) October 14th, 2010

Every few months I have to take off my fuel rail and remove my fuel injectors. Once I take them off I notice a build up of white powder inside them. I then have to clean it out and soak them in solution. What could be causing this? I have put Seafoam and other fuel cleaners in to help but it seems to keep happening.

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Is this a diesel or gasser?

If it is diesel, I would guess paraffin or waxy buildup.

I think it’s a diesel “fuel rail” clue…..

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It is a standard gas engine, no diesel.
Someone had told me I may have purchased “bad gas”.

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Bad gas is probably the correct answer. whatever you are buying now, stop and use a brand name gasoline like Shell or Chevron. fill it up and drive out the whole tank. these gasolines have additives in them to help keep your engine clean.\

Cheap gas will eventually ruin your cars engine/

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You may have a WATER / ETHANOL mixture. That will sometimes leave a white powder.


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A mechanic friend of mine said the only time he has seen something like this the fuel filter busted inside a gas tank. The filters contain minerals which the gas runs through and filters out contaminants. The only thing I can do is get a new fuel filter installed and fully flush my fuel system and fuel rails/injectors.


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With so many placed running E10 (“up to” 10% Ethanol) I suspect that most Americans are running bad gas. Cars built in the last few years are actually designed to run on the crap, but older cars have difficulty with it as it is less ping resistant (effectively lower octane, despite what the numbers say), has less energy per gallon than old MTBE gas, and attracts water. Also, older cars generally can’t adjust the fuel/air mixture the way newer cars can, thus compounding the problem.

Now I am afraid to look at my fuel system!

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