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Do you have any memories of this particular phone?

Asked by harple (10441points) October 14th, 2010

Okay, I’m slightly nervous about asking this, (not least because it’s a corny advert), but do you know anything about this phone, or do you remember owning one, or remember it coming out?

My father invented the flip phone while working for GTEATEA in Herentals in Belgium in the late 70’s, and I’d love to know if it had any impact… I never got to know my father, but this phone existed because of him, so I’m just curious….

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I don’t remember it but what a great commercial!

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ha ha, @faye it sure is!

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YES!! I had one!! I remember always thinking it was a little strange because the mouthpiece was hollowed out instead of being flat with little holes in it. It had one tiny little hole in the corner of that piece though, that was the mic. I loved that thing. It had a little stand that you could attach to the wall and it slipped into it. The stand is still attached to the wall in my old bedroom at my Mom’s house. For all I know, the phone may still be there too.

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@diavolobella The phone is gone, and I was tempted to take off the plate when I was last there, but then I got an attack of nostalgia and left it alone. We could put flowers in it…

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@perg. Awww. It’s just as well you didn’t remove it because it has been painted around. The wall underneath might not match.

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I had one of those!!!!

The year was 197—(something). I had a brown “flip phone” in my room. It was compact and had that sort of futuristic—(for the time) ultra modern look and feel about it.

I absolutely loved it! Kudos to your father!

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I also remember the plastic plate surrounding the number buttons was wood tone. You can see it on the commercial. The inside of the holder also had a big wood tone stickered surface

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Owned one in the early eighties may have bought at Lafayette’s Electronics. LOL

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Yeah. This lady at our church had one when I was 11. I was so jealous. We’d just gotten touch-tone at our house, but she one-upped us.

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I REMEMBER THIS PHONE !!! It was sooooo cool. I was always into buying the latest phone (still am), but I don’t think I ever owned one of these. I’m so impressed your dad invented it. That’s a man I would have loved to meet.

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