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There's always that one person that/who...

Asked by remambermee (442points) October 14th, 2010

Anyone care to finish the sentence?

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Steps up and handles things instead of whining like a big f’n baby ;)

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Makes you wish you didn’t know them when you go out with them.

Surprises you with their maturity and knowledge when they’re amongst a bunch of idiots.

Makes you realize not everyone is bad.

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who stands on the side of the escalator where you aren’t supposed to stand.

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…brings a Jell-o dish to a potluck.

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…passes gas in a packed elevator.

He’s the only one who looks about.

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…slaps the walrus and pinches the nun when it’s supposed to be the other way ‘round.

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You wish to be struck by lightning.

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… just doesn’t get it.

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crashes out on your couch when I had no intention of having him over all friggin night. I really can’t stand some of my husband’s friends. Really.

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There’s always that one guy that flirts with every girl in sight, proving your theory that all guys are the same.

There’s always that one guy that you meet and said theory is instantly disproved, at least for a couple weeks.

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…brings religion or politics into the discussion.

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totally turns me on.

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turns in a wolf when the moon is full.

And as Lou Costello says in ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN when Lon Chaney, Jr. tries to convince him he’s about to turn into a werewolf, “Yeah, him and 20 million other guys!”

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…swallows when he speaks! Gaaaah! I got this set of mp3s on meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn, a guy who’s with the University of Massachusetts Med School’s Stress Reduction Center, and his narration is just… :(

It’s hard for me to listen because he talks so rapidly and so much at one clip, he has to slow down and swallow, and whoever engineered it A) miked him too closely, and B) didn’t remove that sound in post.

It’s annnoooyyyying!

Thank you, @remambermee, for giving me the platform to get this off my chest.

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is a massive asshole, but helps you out when you need it, only to sadistically torment you once more until you need assistance or encouragement again.

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brays in the office when he gets on the phone.

asks the teacher if she just forgot to assign homework tonight.

has to split the check correctly to the penny.

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… just can’t stop talking.

…asks a question that was just answered 30 seconds ago.

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…..has the responsibility of turning the lights off :¬)

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keeps breathing.

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Who likes to show you how it’s done!! BFD!

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never gives love lurves!

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@chyna: “Totally”?!

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always ruins a happy day ahem ahem dad

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Kisses your ass just so they can smoke your grass! D-:
Acts like Screech but tokes like Cheech. :-p
Looks like King Kong but acts like Tommy Chong! :D

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@Brian1946 hey, lately due to my bad hip, would kiss someone’s ass to mow my grass…really!

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Thinks they’re better than you.

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sneezes very loud.

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has to have the last word.

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@CyanoticWasp loll.. would that be Qingu, Matt, or you? You guys have some interesting debates! Haven’t seen Q or Matt here much lately!

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