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What halloween costumes will give me an excuse to wear a nice suit?

Asked by jballou (2113points) October 14th, 2010

I want to dress up for halloween, but I really just want to wear a nice suit and then something extra with it, like a mask or makeup. Any ideas?

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Vampire.They are well dressed.

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Phantom of the Opera

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Perhaps a lawyer? Does the suit have a modern feel?

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You could be someone who works or worked for a firm that dealt in sub-prime mortgage backed securities and wear a devil mask.

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Dress as a politician with a scary mask.

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How about an old-time gangster? Wear your nice suit with some flashy shoes and a hat, maybe get a fake tommy gun? Like this.

I found a site with more ideas.

Have fun!

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Bond…James Bond.

Slick back your hair. Put on a complicated looking watch. Wear black leather gloves. Cary a pistol.

Ya got a girl who can go as Pussy Galore?

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@cprevite Pussy Galore. LOL hahaha Dam I want to be Pussy Galore. LOL

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You could be the spy from Team Fortress 2.

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Some great ideas above. Suit yourself. ;-)

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Ha!, @noelleptc, I can see your avatar watching me.

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Ooh ooh! I got it!

American Psycho. Bring along an axe, some perfect business cards, and some Huey Lewis and the News music on your iPod speakers.

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@Austinlad Is there still a Halloween parade up and down Sixth Street in Austin? Or a dias de los muertos celebration in town? I used to like the parade when I lived there though, at some point they started herding everyone around and around in a circle, like cattle so it kind of took some of the fun out of it. And one year there was a great dias de los muertos event. The only specifics I remember was that there was a parade of totally awesome low-riders on Sixth Street and they were all bouncing them up and down with their hydraulics and the businesses and clubs were all like little museums; they had invited local artists to create altars for the holiday. Some of them were pretty amazing.

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Tuck or sew a metal coat hanger inside the back of the jacket, slip a clear bag over your head that rests on your shoulders and attach a tag to your shirt collar or ear, and go as Dry Cleaning.

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groom to a bride? or get a cigar, a violin case, and a nice fedora, or maybe a tray, fake appetizers, and a half apron __think of the accidental tips__.

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Blues Brothers

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Go in your Birthday Suit, as Rosemary’s Baby…

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