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Have any of you ever wore edible underwear?

Asked by Frenchfry (7589points) October 14th, 2010

What does it taste like?

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It tastes like ass ;D

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Never hungered to do it.

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@papayalily really? I have never worn it,or tasted it. Is it sexy,or worth it?

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Never have. But I’ve heard from at least one person (face to face, not reading it somewhere) that they taste like a bland, gross fruit roll up. I have no idea if that’s true, but this is what I hear.

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@Frenchfry It pretty much tastes like flavored lube. I found them to be disgusting and a total turn-off, personally.

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@papayalily Bleck! Maybe flavored lotions or something is better? I was trying or thinking of adding a little something something to the bedroom. I thought it might be fun. I don’t think I would have him suffer through that. LOL

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@Frenchfry I’ve tasted some powders like “this” that taste decent. I like most of Kama Sutra’s flavors, as a matter of fact. It’s more sophisticated, less… barely legal, if that makes sense. And there’s nothing wrong with just creating a bikini out of whipped cream and making sure to go a little light once you get to the labia area so you don’t get an infection.

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I look that up Thanks @papayalily . You seem to know your stuff.

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Never worn it but I gave some to a friend as a gag gift and they said it was like a Fruit-Roll-Up you can wear. Seems like that would not be the most comfortable thing to wear, nor eat off someone.

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Here is the link I meant to post.
Also, DEVINE DESSERTS CHOCOHOLICS CHOCOLATE BODY FROSTING is great. It’s the perfect consistency for spreading on bodies, and is hands down the best hot fudge for ice cream sundaes outside of Baskin Robbins.

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@papayalily Can I have dessert at your house?

The point of the underwear was not to actually eat it. The point was that she prepared for it! She thought about the event and what we would be doing. That was a whole lot sexier than the actual act.

And, like high heels, if they get dirty you’re not doing it right.

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@worriedguy Yes, yes you can

Wait, what? High heels? That makes no sense. I mean, I’m not the best at high heels, but they’ve never gotten downright filthy, nor have I know any models that could keep them scuff-free…

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Me personally? Nah, I go commando baby! The wife has on occasion, which is convenient. For I am a vagitarian. Bless, she’s so considerate to my dietary needs :¬)

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We got some but it never made it on anyone. They tore before that happened. We did taste it though. It was pretty much a fruit roll-up.

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@papayalily The hottest high heels never touch the ground. – or so I’ve been told.

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I wore a pair when I was MUCH younger. In the heat of the moment they stick to you and are gross~

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@BratLady No way! You ! WOW I guess you surprise me there. I see you in a new light. wild and crazy. jk

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