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Has anyone ever slept in a hammock long-term?

Asked by Hobbes (7368points) October 14th, 2010

Next semester I’ll be living in an apartment building owned by my college, and I’m considering buying a hammock instead of shelling out for a bed. I’ve heard there are actually health benefits to sleeping in a hammock. Has anyone done it for more than a few nights?

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I’ve never done it long term, but I’ve done it for a whole day, and it’s soooooo comfy, I just pass right out.

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During one period in Vietnam, I slept in a hammock for about two weeks. Why?

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The apartment doesn’t come with a bed, and I am a poor college student =]

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Sounds very comfortable, cheap, and cool! Why not try it (a hammock might be, at most, 100 bucks, including a stand), and if you find that it doesn’t work, you can keep the hammock until summer, and if it works, it works! You found a cheap alternative to a bed!

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I haven’t. However, there used to be a hotel in Burnsville, Minnesota, that had specialty rooms with different themes. The Jungle Room had a regular mattress that hung in a hammock. Sadly, they seemed to have either closed or converted. It might be worth looking into though.

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Not yet, but would love to try. They look comfy :)

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If you like to sleep on your side, it doesn’t work. Also, if you toss and turn, this will wake you up a lot faster in a hammock.

I would look for a cheap mattress you can put on the floor.

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I don’t think it’s good for your back, personally.

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I sleep in our hammock a lot when it’s nice outside.
I haven’t had issues.
With the exception of sleeping with another person. If they move, you flip.

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I don’t know much about hammocks, but another possible option would be an air mattress. One of my former roommates slept on an air mattress for about a year. When I lived with my parents, I had a waterbed in the hottest room of the house. I couldn’t very well move that bed, so I would set up an air mattress in the basement during the summer. It worked beautifully. Get the right amount of air, and it’s a wonderful, inexpensive bed. I recommend putting a blanket or two underneath you if you tend to get cold at night, because air mattresses steal your body heat. Also, if it gets really cold where you live, you might want to sleep on top of a heated blanket during the winter. I’ve done that, and it works very well.

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if you’re a college student.. wouldn’t you want a bed?... wink

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@Carly – You can get double-size hammocks ;-)

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