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Does anybody know how to keep my neighbors cat off my car?

Asked by babygalll (2748points) March 31st, 2008

My neighbors cat is always on my car. She’s got some sharp claws and even left scratches from sliding off. I never see her on their car. Any suggestions?

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I had a neighbors dog that did that I finally called animal control.

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I was told that if you call animal control to complain about a neighbors dog or cat you have to leave your name. Is this true?

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Pepper? Can you explain more?

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A BB gun ^_^

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I thought about it, but I don’t want to hurt the little bastard. I just it off my car!

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get a watergun, or even just a little spray bottle

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Pepper spray on the car.

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you don’t have to leave your name just the animals address and description.
LOL@ uberbatman! P

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Just talk to your neighbors. Surly if the cat is putting scratches in the paint, they will feel obligated to find a remedy. If they don’t, then you don’t have to feel bad for calling animal control or using a good ol daisy air riffle.

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Do you have a dog who would do OK to rest inside the car? It would give that cat quite a surprise the next time it decides to use your car as a park bench !

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LOL I like that mcbealer

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But I am out of luck. I don’t have any animals.

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Maybe you could borow/rent a dog? Is there such a thing?

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borow one from somebody

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Do you have a car alarm? You could stake out your car and set your alarm off when the cat jumps on it.

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Water gun – nip it in the bud! A neigbor’s cat once moved in, no matter how many unwelcome hints we dropped the bastard had made up its mind what it liked and wasn’t changing

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Cats hate sticky things that will touch their feet and they hate smelly things. The smell issue is different with every cat so you may have to try different things. Tea tree oil, vinegar, anything strong smelling could work. Soak a piece of fabric with it and put it on the car where the cat likes to sit. Maybe just keeping a wet piece of fabric on there could work. Cats also hate unsable surfaces, a pieces of slippery fabirc that slides off the car when they try to get up there could work. They sell electrified mats for $50 or so that are battery powered and shock the cat when they get on the mat. The mat is clear and flat so the cat can’t really tell it’s there. I tried that with my own cats. It worked. It doesn’t hurt, I tried it, it just scraes them because it feels weird. They also sell pest away sprinklers that are motion sensitive. has those.

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If all of the above fail, and you change your mind about injuring the little bastard, you could always put a bowl of milk on one of these.

(totally kidding of course)

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Send your neighbor the bill for the new paint job on your car.

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