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What makes you cry?

Asked by seazen (6113points) October 14th, 2010

Sad tears, or happy tears.

Ever had both at the same time?

What makes you?

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Just about anything can make me cry. If I see really happy or really sad things around me (even on tv or while reading a book), I will cry. Missing my husband makes me cry.

I have had happy and sad tears at the same time. I cried when we found out we were pregnant because I was happy that we were but also sad because he had to leave shortly afterwards.

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I cry from sadness when I’m lonely, or missing someone.

I cry happy tears when I am driving while listening to the perfect song, while the sun is just starting to set and I’m thinking about how happy I am to live the life I do.

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Everything makes me cry. I’m a huge sap. I have cried happy tears and sad tears. Much like @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I’ve cried lonely tears. I have cried happy and sad tears at the same time, any overwhelming emotion is sure to make me cry. Doesn’t take much.

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Yeah anything can trigger the emotion but the deeproot of it perplexes our own selves.. Not trying to get too philosophical but I guess it really is our own impending fate.

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Whenever my hormones are not in harmony.
Welcome to Fluther! ;~)

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My son once wrote me a beautiful note for Christmas. I cried both tears at the same time.
Happy that he loved me so much and saw me as his mentor as well as his mom.
Sad that he won’t feel that way about me forever as he grew into a man and moved away and that I couldn’t freeze that joy forever.

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oh jeez, everything. I’m a crybaby and I blame puberty for it. It ruined me. Damn you empathy.

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Sometimes I cry tired tears. Actually, that one happens a lot lately. And other times I cry confusion tears, like when I try to figure out your deal with the revolving screen names :P

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Movies. Music. Speeches.
Thinking about my dad.
Seeing or hearing my mom depressed and/or crying.
Actually seeing or hearing anyone I really care about cry can make me pretty emotional.
And like @Pandora, I’ve cried over really nice letters my mom has written me.

Recently, I cry a lot easier than I ever have before. Sometimes it’s over feeling alone or being scared and confused over what to do regarding certain life choices and circumstances. Being afraid, unconfident, allowing my self-esteem to weaken and being worried over what other people will think about me aren’t feelings I’m use to so being stressed and overwhelmed and feeling such foreign feelings have made me really emotional lately and then I’ll actually cry some more over being a crybaby. Lawl. Vicious cycle.

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I don’t really cry from sadness (unless I’m drunk).

Beauty makes me weep.

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Sticking a hot poker in my eye will generally do it.

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On the positive side:

Sentimentality: nostalgic photos, nostalgic memories, things associated with these, etc. But that’s positive crying (and when I say “crying” I mean eyes watering. I don’t get to the bawling stage unless I’m really upset).

Really triumphant or moving music, usually classical.

On the negative side:

Sad stories about suffering, which can mean lot of things. (I watch a lot of real-life murder mysteries. I often get teary-eyed during those).

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When i see kittens in a pet shop or shelter or SPCA that i can’t have, i cry because i’m sad that i have to leave the little cuties there. :( So i don’t look at kittens or cats when i walk past any places that sell or put up kitties for adoption. Unless i’m going to take each and every one that i see. I can’t only choose one and leave the rest there to an uncertain fate. :0

Sad movies where people die of illness or people’s pets die, they make me cry. So i avoid those movies, plus they’re just not entertaining to me so they don’t appeal to me in the first place. But sometimes these scenes sneak into a movie that i was otherwise interested in.

Thinking of my deceased kitty, or about leaving my other kitty behind when we go on holiday or something, makes me cry.

Sometimes HUGE relief makes me cry. This one time my kitty escaped from our yard and we couldn’t find him and it was like 10PM and i was running up and down the streets in my jammies to try to find him, and FINALLY we found him just outside our gate in the neighbour’s yard, just lying there like he was on a Sunday snooze. I was SO relieved that i cried for a while because i was so happy.

So mostly sad things make me cry, but only a few happy things will make me cry.

One time my husband (my boyfriend at that time) told me “i don’t love you as much as i used to”. Then i started crying because that didn’t sound like a good thing. But he was kind of joking with me, because after a long pause (and i suppose after he saw that it had upset me) he finally said “i love you more”. Sheesh. :)

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Seeing any living creature hurt, damaged/broken or dead. What personally makes me cry? Someone reminding me that my “fuck ups” and things I say/do that don’t make sense or are “wrong” isn’t my fault, it’s because of my brain damage… Having something I do that’s not “normal” pointed out to me by reminding me that my brain is disabled makes me hurt…

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Unexpected things make me tear up. And always, predictably, the last scene in FIELD OF DREAMS when Costner and his dad play catch.

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Oh the birth of both my kids was like a festival in Weepy Town! Also if I stub my toe or receive a hefty thwack in the scrotum. I’m not afraid to admit that i’ve been known to fill up watching certain movies. The end of ET & when Dorothy says goodbye to the scarecrow. “I think i’ll miss you most of all.” Wahhhhhh ahhha!! I cry a lot when I laugh too, no idea why. :¬)....or should that be :¬(

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Sometimes I cry during very emotional films. The Color Purple comes to mind.

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Old movies!

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seeing all of the Zen Picard’s never reaching 10K

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Also, funerals when the very young pass away! I’ve lived my life, if I pass on, I want a good celebration….

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Physical pain, a really sad and true story, a movie (like Life is Beautiful), the loss of a loved one, a few novels, laughing really hard and long, and observing something in nature or human compassion that melts my heart.

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To see someone suffering or to hear of people suffering. It is the most agonizing feeling to not be able to help someone.. That will always make me cry.

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The prospect of something dreadful happening to my family, my dogs or my close friends.

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@talljasperman I’m a tent kinda guy anyway – got one pitched outside the mansion permanently and I must say – Kaddafi got nothing on me.

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I would like to know what @zen thinks of this question.

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I’m with @BoBo about old movies. The last scene in DODSWORTH always gets to me. (I’m willing to bet very few of you know that movie.)

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@ChazMaz Only my kids can get me teary eyed. I don’t remember the last time I actually cried – and I wish I could – as I have dry-eye syndrome and use drops.

Happy “tears” when the kids do/say something. Sad tears, same.

Movies – not so much.

Maybe the scene in Minority report about his kidnapped son – we’re about the same age – Cruise and I – and Hook, when Robin William’s wife said to pay attention to the kids because now they are chasing you for attention – soon you’ll be chasing them. It’s true.

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Nothing really

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@Austinlad It’s a Wonderful Life, Old Yeller, and Bells At St. Mary, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, and last but not least, Sergeant York! i’m just a damn old sentimental fool!

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Recently, thinking about my ex and what we had and what I lost has been making me cry.

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Empathy and the strange and awkward lives we live.
Failing to connect and share similar perspectives with most people.
Lost souls.

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Just recently (as in about a hour ago) I listened to a song that I really like and haven’t listened to in a very long time and found myself weeping…go figure.

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When someone close to me dies or if there is a terrible situation and I cant do anything about it.

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@tapestryofregret, that happens to me quite often, actually.

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I cry sad tears of course, when I miss someone terribly or if a friend of mine is suffering, especially if I can’t do anything to make it better.
I cry happy tears even more often. Tears of relief that something I was worried about happening didn’t happen. Like when a friend or family member is late and I’m worried something terrible has happened to them and then they show up! Tears at seeing happy reunions of any kind and emotional tears. I am constantly crying out of happiness for the athletes in the Olympics. Feeling their happiness at succeeding after all their hard work and sacrifices and all they had to do to get there. Even if they don’t win a medal but simply give a great performance, their personal best. Here’s an example of one ice skating routine that made me cry still makes me cry everytime

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