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Dose any one know why we are paying so much for gas?

Asked by joevip (155points) March 31st, 2008 from iPhone
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I often wonder and ask myself the samething. It’s crazy!

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Two words – George Bush!

Which can also be narrowed down to one word – Republicans!

Does not Dose, also anyone is one word

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Well, the economic recession we are currenlty in plays a major role.
Also, the war in the middle east isn’t helping out with relations with oil producing countries.
Along with those, oil companies in the US have stopped building refineries and even shutting some down noticing that they cannot get as much money in the future due to the fact that people are continually trying to find other means of energy causing the prices to rise because of increasing demand but lower supply.

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We are because we proved to the oil and gas companies that we will pay the high prices because we have to. That is why I don’t think we will ever go back to the good old days of a dollar a gallon. Some of you can remember lower prices I’m sure. Instead the prices will continue to climb until only a select few can afford to buy it.

Then of course no gas=no way to work; no work=no economy; no economy=well…. you get the picture.

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Why is George Bush’s fault. Everyone says that but doesn’t provided any facts to back it up.

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I think its because he has oil interst.

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Watch this I got more, just wait!

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WTF are you talking about?

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Come on bulbatron… Usually you back your statements will good solid evidence. That video is just a jumble of some out of context speeches made by some hater. There is no facts there.

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Once again, noone can put an issue such as this on one person. While he may have helped it to increase, unless he had control over the middle eastern countries, as well as the entire congress and senate, he could not alone be responsible.

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@ simone54

No offense but you must watch nothing but Fox News or be TOTALLY oblivious to the political climate the Bush campaign has created.

No it isn’t all Bush’s fault but the people he has surrounded himself with.

Colin Powell was smart enough to disassociate himself once he saw what was going on.

This is how much he is loved:

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My point is simple.

These people just blame Bush for everything. Not stating any fact.

There a ton on people, a lot young people, that act like they care, act like they’re trying to make a difference just so they can feel good about themselves and to make themselves look good for other people.

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@simon Your point is very simple! You apparently don’t know shizz about your president, and I know you didn’t take time to read those links! Look at Gulf Storm-OIL, Look at where our troops are now*OIL*! Funny how it stopped while we trimmed our Bushes! Your mind is closed, so believe what you will. I am not going to debate with you, because you have ben Brainwashed! However, I will see you on Election Day!

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@bulbatron: simone raises a valid point, and as I have stated before you cannot blame it on one man. You can even look to yourself, as I must do the same, as someone stated earlier we allow these price increases because we rely so heavily on gasoline for transportation

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@ simone

I think the “wise” and “experienced” (Rumsfeld & Cheney) have taken eight years to make the U.S. the way it is today.

I think an injection of youth and REAL ideas will be a refreshing change of pace.

This young person does CARE and i take a real OFFENSE to your statement!!!

Didn’t Bush run on the platform of “Uniter and not a Divider” in 2000?

Couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The war in Iraq has lead to the massive inflation of crude oil.

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wow bulbatron I was only debating with my view on here along with some research I have done due to a class, I do not understand why you have to be so angry. I never told you to change your mind or to believe as I do, I was trying to answer a question that many people are pondering.

@patrick: I agree with you that the war has lead to the inflation of oil

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@ crackerjack

it isn’t one man it’s his whole cabinet.

he just chooses to put his name on the front of it.

how can i fault myself for driving my gas powered vehicle when thats the only thing i have?

i didn’t invent the gas powered engine nor do i have the cash for a hybrid…

Bush has run oil companies and hasn’t even managed them properly:

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@Patrick Amen Brother!

That is why I gave the YouTube link. Freddie Mercury wrote “Death On Two Legs” just for George Bush jr., he just didn’t know it!

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@patrick: I did not mean that we should stop using gas merely, that it is a small part everyone’s fault. And I do agree with you that his cabinet is responsible for a good part of it, I was only debating the fact that it cannot lie on the shoulders of one man alone.

I am sorry if the way I worded my responses sounded like I was saying that a majority of the responsibility lies with us, I do not believe that at all.

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Exactly! Congress holds 1/3 the power in this Country. It’s called checks and balances people.

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@ cracker

I don’t feel its my fault for using a system that was already set up for me and it’s not financially feasible for me(and a LOT of other people) to do otherwise.

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@patrick: I am not trying to say that at all, I do not want anyone to feel sorry because like you said it was in place before any of us were even thought of. Once again, I was just showing an example of how it is more than one person’s fault. I hope that this will help clear up any of my posts that have been miscontrued.

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I see what your saying and i do believe the blame can’t be placed on one person but, if you get glass in your food at McDonalds, who gets served with a lawsuit?

Joe McDumbstuff who served it to you or McDonalds?

It’s the price you pay for wanting the power…

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we aren’t paying that much for gas! in my neighborhood, gas costs between 3.15 and 3.55 per gallon. let’s call it 3.50. that’s just under three cents per fluid ounce.

here are prices for other liquids at my local supermarket.

local organic apple cider = 11 cents per ounce
local organic orange juice = 12 cents per ounce
mass produced orange juice = 6 cents per ounce
2% milk = 3 cents per ounce
aquafina bottled water = 4 cents per ounce.

gas is the cheapest liquid we’ve got! it’s cheaper than water. WATER! which falls out of the sky for FREE, we pay more for than gas.

the only reason we think gas is expensive is because of the way that we’ve come to perceive it. when gas really does get expensive, like five and six dollars per gallon, i think we’re going to see a lot more activity in the alternative-fuel-inventing department…

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that is very true, that is why i never want to be in politics, I just don’t want everyone thinking that it is only one person’s fault because a few people contend that it is, which is their right to do so, along with my right to contend, I didn’t want to make bulba mad I was only expressing a small researched opinion

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no worries!

opinions are what make fluther so great!

people are always getting to get mad and thats a fact of life we all have to deal with.

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Im pretty sure most of you didnt understand what simone was saying. He wasnt defending Bush or denying anything about him, he was merely stating that a lot of people blame Bush for things but if you ask them for reason they have none. Its true i talk to so many people my age and they act like they know what they’re talking but cant back up anything they say. Im in no way claiming i know a lot. But thats also why i dont say a lot. ^_^

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I do blame Bush for pushing through and signing a bill that gave the oil companies $18 billion in tax cuts. Yes, the argument was that oil companies need the money for R&D, as ways to find new sources for oil. Do they need it in years when they are at record breaking profits and our country has an ever increasing deficit ? No.

I think that our government en masse is guilty of lacking political will to change the status quo, guilty of ignoring alternative energy technology that already exists, guilty of not getting rid of PAC money and special interest lobbies, and guilty of not represnting the people who have voted them into office.

As for the high gas prices, I’m of two minds. I know it places an inordinate burden on those families struggling to survive on low pay rates, but personally kinda like it – I feel like it’s a tax on SUV drivers (and other inefficient, ostentatious, or otherwise ridiculous vehicles).

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the left is so quick to blame republicans for the high price of oil, but if the wacko environmentalists would let us drill for our own oil in places like Alaska then oil prices would go significantly down, as well as be a major boost for our economy (ppl would use the extra cash they save at the pump to stimulate other parts of the economy), but we they say we definantly can’t do that because we might disrupt some damn elk or moose’s natural habitat, its totally rediculous that we care more about how some damn animal live than our countries economic future

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Why drill in a sensitive ecosystem for a limited resource (no matter what they find, it will run out) when technology already exists for hydrogen fuel cells, solar power, etc? All of those industries will support lots of jobs which in turn will help to stimulate the economy. That’s a fatuous argument.

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I’ve read that there will be like more than $20 per gallon in 2050.

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It’s not George W. Bush alone, and it’s not greedy oil company executives alone, either. Please check your knee-jerk political jingoism at the door.

There are two economic forces here, supply and demand. On the supply side of the equation, well, there’s instability in the Middle East and political turmoil in Venezuela and Nigeria. Those are among our major sources of oil. Because of that instability and turmoil, getting the oil out of those countries to be refined is a dangerous proposition, and so it costs more to produce.

On the demand side, China is industrializing as rapidly as it can, and it needs both energy and petroleum products (plastics) to do that. China is willing to pay in the neighborhood of $100 a barrel for as much oil as can be provided, and so anyone who also wants oil needs to beat China’s price.

Further, the American dollar is plummeting, because of our extensive debt load, both collectively as a nation and personally. Because of that, $1 doesn’t buy as much oil as it did a year ago.

And the “record profits”—that’s record amounts, not record percentages, because the oil companies are selling record amounts of oil and gas to consumers.

So how do we fix this? We find alternative sources of energy, and sell them to China. This will cause the demand for oil as energy to drop significantly. We find ways of bringing stability to the Middle East and to Venezuela (hint: rattling sabers and making important proclamations about the axis of evil is the wrong thing to do). Drilling for more oil may be a short-term solution, but hey, that’s the sort of thing that oil company profits pay for, and you’re so opposed to those.

You can blame Bush for some of the instability in the Middle East and for some of the debt load that the country is under. But honestly, every person who expects his or her representatives to bring federal money home to the district is guilty, because it only takes 218 votes in favor of deficit spending to make it law.

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A lot of the cost comes from the cost of crude oil. Plus also keep in mind in the US there is something like 18 different blends of gasoline. What this means is that gas that is let said made on the East Coast might not be able to be used in let say California; which by the way has some of the strictist standards for gasoline in the nation.

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