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Is soy milk bad for you?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7877points) October 15th, 2010

I’ve read that it can cause cancer and other problems. Are there any benefits to drinking it?

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Too much of it can be bad for some people.

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There are plenty of benefits to drinking soy milk – protein, vitamins A and B – but as with everything, take it in moderation.

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There are a lot of claims about the dangers of soy milk. Read about some of them here.

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Despite being a rabid vegetarian for the past 21 years, I indeed did stop buying soy products after reading some of the newer research marina referenced in her post.

I never liked soy milk anyway. Rice milk is much better in my opinion.

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Soy is one of the most engineered and unnatural plant products in the world. A shocking 91% of the Soy grown in the USA is genetically modified. A common genetic modification was to make the plants more tolerant to herbicides that are dumped on the fields. So they can now be given twice as much herbicide chemicals… the residues of which YOU will have in your soy milk… without the plant dying.

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It’s bad for me, gives me horrible gas pains and then the runs. I’ve read it’s not good for men because it alters their estrogen levels and what @GeorgeGee writes sounds pretty scary too.

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As adults, do we need milk of any kind?

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I have heard (but not verified) that much of the soy in the US is grown to help clear fields of herbicides by absorbing the poisons. Then the polluted soy is sold for food products. This could be a rumor – I don’t know. And of course, GenMod anything can’t be good for you. It’s only good for the Evil Empire’s pocketbook.

@ChazMaz – I need ice cream…. ;D

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@ChazMaz We damn well need milk for our warm chocolate chip cookies, our brownies, and to make real hot cocoa. So there ;-P

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No, it just tastes horrible.

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Chocolate Silk tastes like dessert and a glass a day wouldn’t hurt you. It would be better than a high fatty dessert. It does have ingredients good for health. Moderation in all things.

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Like @Neizvestnaya my digestive system does not like it, and punishes me when ever I drink it.

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I drink it from time to time and have never had soy much as a single problem.

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Be leery of any product with the words “soy” and “green” anywhere near each other.

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