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Will you be aFluthering this weekend?

Asked by AmWiser (14932points) October 15th, 2010

What are your plans for the weekend?
Do you spend more time on Fluther on the weekend as opposed to any week day?

I’m in sunny Las Vegas this weekend and will be hitting and missing Fluther sporatically. So I will miss all you fluthering jellies, but duty calls:-))

Whatever your plans, I hope everyone has a great great weekend!

P.S. I will definitely be checking in to make sure I don’t miss any great partays ;-)

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But then I sorta live here.

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Nope, I usually don’t Fluther on the weekends. Mostly during the week at work. I will probably go apple picking at the local farm.

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I’ll be working double shifts both days so yeah, fluther is going to ease the pain.

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Apparently so.

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Nope, I try to stay off the grid on the weekends.

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In between. We have friends visiting from out of town.

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Yes of course I will be here. must keep up to date with what is happening here LOLL

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Not as much. We’re having a moving party for my sister. I might be on for a bit, then we have to entertain

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I’m apartment hunting in another town this weekend. I hate my life.

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aw @johnpowell are you sad you’re moving?

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A little bit. Lot’s of stuff to do, though.

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I definitely spend more time on Fluther on days I don’t go to work, but as my shifts vary from one week to the next, my days off are not necessarily Saturday and Sunday.

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@Aesthetic_Mess :: It is a huge pain in the ass. But I am not happy where I am at. So in the long run it will be worth it to not have roommates.

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I have no major plans for this weekend bliss so I am sure that I will make a couple of visits to Fluther.

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No, going to the Alabama – Ole Miss game!

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Will probably pop in during the morning but won;t be making my nightly visit as I’m off round Liverpool for the first time with my new friend!!

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@sakura ooh have fun! Liverpool’s a great city (almost as good as Manchester!) Do take a boat tour on the Mersey if you can. I did that last time I went to Liverpool and it was great. I learned a lot about the city on that.

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Not much this weekend! Lots of plans with the family will keep me outside and occupied!

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Oh, I’ll probably call in at some point, get hooked and then wonder where the time went.

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@downtide I’ve done the docks and the museum with the family but tomorrow I’m going to Matthew St. for a girls night out!!! Not very cultured I’m afraid!!

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Probably. I can’t seem to stay away for long.

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I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about those distracting “mid-terms” until Sunday afternoon.

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Yes, but I should limit the amount of time I spend on Fluther this weekend. I need to catch up on reading and assignments for school and get a head-start on writing papers for convention season (the first deadline is November 15 and I have very little of the work completed.) Sunday, I will be on campus helping a few friends from my Structure of Language class study for our exam next week.

I suppose I have an academic-heavy weekend ahead of me.

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I pretty much live here. I click Fluther before Facebook or my email. I might do a little bit of school work so I can go on a trip starting next Friday, but otherwise it’s a normal weekend. :)

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I’ll have the kids all weekend, as usual, so I get online fewer hours than usual, but I’ll still be here.

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I’m always on a little bit every day regardless of what I’m doing.

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If fluther had email I’d be only on fluther. I already have the room set up so I can be here 24/7 – little fridge, phone, hell who needs the outside world.

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Of course! What other site can one go to that’s as entertaining as well as informative as this one?

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Yahoo answers?

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There goes the thread,

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Yes. I haven’t Fluthered for almost two months, I need to catch up. :D

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