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Is there any way tell (find out) who gave you a "great answer" or "great question" about a post?

Asked by palerider (1020points) October 15th, 2010

Are these “thumbs up”/“props” anonymous?

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It would start a riot – think about it.

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It is indeed anonymous.

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No, and why would you want to know?

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@erichw1504 because on several questions that i have answered it seemed i was the only opposing voice in certain instances, but i received a couple of “great answers” just the same. I would just like to know who the like-minded folks are. oh well…

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Of course any individual can let you know in their post.
Example : “Yeah I couldn’t agree more GQ by the way.” Not an uncommon occurence.

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Not really. Even if someone sends you a personal thank you, that doesn’t mean they gave you a GA. I can’t tell you how many times someone has thanked me, yet my answer still has no GAs.

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@palerider People can give you a great answer without being “like-minded” as you say. Just because I don’t agree with a particular point of view doesn’t mean that the answer wasn’t well-thought out and presented. In my opinion, a great answer is a great answer regardless of if it reflects my thoughts on the subject.

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They’re not anonymous, the system does record who has given the GA/GQ. A moderator privilege/curse is that we see it all.

But as a user, no, there is no way to see who has given it to you.

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I’m with @bobbinhood on this. There are comments I give GA to but not always because I agree, sometimes I see a point of view that seems really valid and reasonable but just not to my particular taste. I like to get my brain poked around.

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@Sarcasm :: That is why I stopped giving GA’s to mods a long time ago. I still give them to Dog and Allie. But they are special.

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@Sarcasm Sometimes I give a GA to the list of people that have taken the time to answer my Q – or just give GA’s all around on a Q I like. Then, I check and see a dolt has written something stupid/nasty – and proceed to flag them. Does the Mod, who sees both my GA and flag for the same post – think I’m bi-polar and off my meds, or jut a douchebag – or both?

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Maybe you could connect names appearing on the community feed list with someone who is currently using the site, but I can’t think of any other way.

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@seazen We are just as guilty of accidentally giving lurve to something terrible. Hell, I’ve done it when I meant to remove the answer! And we can’t undo it, either. Bleh.

Edit: By the way, we’re seriously considering making it so that mods can’t see who gives a GA. For now, though, we know.

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I GA people when I think their post is GA worthy, even if the other 99% of their posts are complete shit.

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