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Did you (or do you) get embarrassed when your parents used "hip" lingo in front of your friends?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 15th, 2010

Sometimes my dad comes in to work and we fist bump and just nod at each other. My dad just responded to my text with “True dat”. He’s in his 40’s. I find it hilarious and do not get embarrassed like some of my friends would if their parents did it.

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No, my parents were more hip than most kids I knew, not just their parents. I’d get embarassed because I wanted my parents to be less showy.

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I was around when “cool” was cool or first used. i am 66. i still use the word cool.

Cool was cool then, cool is cool now.

Who cares? don’t be embarrassed with your dad. be thankful he still thinks like a young person.

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If I was,I had to be too young to remember..besides,my mother was much too sweet to ever be ashamed of and people liked her straight away:)
My dad,didn’t bow to any trend.He was his own person.I respected him and was not ashamed of him either.

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You will always be glad your dad is “hip”. so many parents were old the day they were born and never had a young life. my wife and i are the same way. we are parents that our children have alway said that we have never grown up. that’s okay. i will be this way until my nursing home days finally do me in.

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No. She was close enough in age to get away with it.

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No way. My dad is not the type of you you would expect to throw something like that into conversation, but he always does.. and it is hilarious. I love him even more for it. Cracks me up every time.

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@noelleptc lol, your dad sounds hilarious. I love it.

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I go out of my way to try to embarrass my kids. They just ignore me or play along…. MUCH fun!

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My folks didn’t try to be hip—they were just themselves around my friends and treated them like family. As a result, all my friends liked coming to my house and always told me how “neat” my mom and dad were.

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I feel like I should say the same about my dad. My dad doesn’t try to be young or hip or cool. He just keeps up with what is going on in the world, including the media. He also has 3 young daughters, so a lot of it is through osmosis. ;)

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last nite, before leaving my daughter’s room, I said, ‘ok, peace’ – and she said ‘mum!!! only gangstas are allowed to say that!! why do you say that!! and I said, ‘the same reason I say ‘hare krishna’ when I drop you off at school. she says ’ ohhhh, just to irritate me! ’

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No, they’re the ones making fools out of themselves, not me.

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You get embarrassed . . . if you’re 16.

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No, my parents never embarrassed me, it was most likely the other way around. I do remember feeling bad when my folks went to church smelling like ashtrays.

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If my 85 year-old mother ever used ‘LOL’ or ‘WTF’, I’d keel over.

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fools?... thats one of the ways I feel closest to my children. I enhance every picture with a big gaping mouth smile, may seem childish but you’ll never forget me.

I’m always bringing knowledge to the table, so they are aware that I am aware. Also that I care. Just dropped some knowledge on your dome up in there. yo!
fo shizzle my nizzle

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