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Do you have a favourite word?

Asked by cubozoa (1198points) October 15th, 2010

I’m not talking word meanings here – more the way a word sounds. My current favourite is quango* – it sounds like some obscure fruit. Is there anything that captures your imagination? We needn’t even limit ourselves to english here!

*Actually, I think quango is technically an acronym, but I’m still interested in your answer.

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–adjective Slang .
fine; completely satisfactory; OK.

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Oh, I have many. The first that springs to mind is “ubiquitous”. I also like “philanthropy”.

And some words sound positively beautiful depending on which accent is being used.

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@erichw1504 I like that! No idea what it means, but it sounds good. Maybe I should ask for meanings too!

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@cubozoa I edited my answer to include the dictionary meaning.

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Resonate. I love that word—both its meaning and the onomatopoeia in conjures for me.

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I also love the sound (and taste!) of “pudding” and “custard” and the childhood memories those words invoke.

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@cubozoa do you like this song then?? :-)

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moo shu pork
I use it as song lyrics all the time. It always “fits”

My kids laugh all the time cause I’ve never tried it, I just like the word.

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Hi @harple! I’d forgotten about that song. :)

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Kumkwat! Love the word, not keen on the fruit :¬)

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@Austinlad…..or sentient? Sorry, I really must curb my pedant tendancies. ;-)

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“Prolific” – because I like how it feels rolling out my mouth.

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Oooooo, @cubozoa—you are absolutely correct. Thanks for correcting.

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But then, @cubozoa, what do you expect out of a non-sentient?

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My favourite word for sound alone is Nicaragua.

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Sesquipedalian, part of the longer term “sesquipedalian loquaciousness” which, rather aptly, refers to the habit of using much more verbose vocabulary than is truly necessary, something I’m rather prone to.

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Yeah, I know it’s not a real word, but doesn’t it sound awesome?!

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Boulevardier, a man who frequents the cafés on the boulevards of Paris or ‘a man about town’ is one of my favourites. @cubozoa I’m also very fond of ‘pedant’.

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I like “awesome”!! I like awesome things and feelings and awesome anything is just the best there is!!

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Clitoris. Tastes good….. feels good….. smells good….. real good… good!! :¬P

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@ucme That’s AWESOME! XD

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@Cruiser Yeah, like KFC…....finger lickin good!

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Fluther, flutherites!

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Just for sound, asphyxiation. If I like it for the meaning, it would be exacerbate.

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@Rollalong Very good. I like those!

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родители – parents
понедельник – monday
вурдалак – vampire

I was terrible a Russian student, but I loved how a lot of the words sound. Which I suppose is why these aren’t very remarkable words, they just sound nice to me.

My Finnish metal has also taught me perkele which gets better the more you roll the R.

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Another favorite is jargon. I have found myself using this a lot lately :)

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Defenestration – sadly, the opportunity to use this word rarely arises ;)

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@meiosis it seems to come up a fair amount here. Has it become a thing on Fluther?

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