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Do you exercise regularly?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (31274points) October 15th, 2010

What do you do? Walk? Jog? Yoga?

How often do you do it? Daily? 3 times a week?

What benefit do you derive?

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stretching legs, torso, hamstrings every day for about 15 minutes
20–25 minutes 3 times a week with free weights (dumbbells) all less than 25 pounds
just trying to stay toned and flexible
As grandma said, “try to stay verticle as long as you can!”

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Yes.I lift weights 6x week,aerobic exercise 7x week,some yoga and some @$$ kicking as well ;)

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P90x (or one of the other Power 90 workouts. Since I finished my first round of P90x, I mix and match them)
Six days a week
Cardiovascular efficiency, strength, endurance, still look pretty good in a suit or on the beach.

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I do laps in the pool, but other than that I pretty much do indirect exercise..I ride my mountain bike with my little girl probably 3 or 4times a week. I usually walk to the corner store instead of drive if I need something. I scuba/snorkel in the summer. All in all I am a pretty active person and all the stuff I mentioned above I have fun doing so it doesn’t seem like much of a “chore” to me. This is how I keep my athletic build.

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Yes. I cut and stack wood or else my house would be cold.
I cannot get my head around exercise that is purely exercise. I want to be accomplishing something at the same time I am improving/maintaining my body.
I will admit sometimes I wear arm weights all day if I’m housebound. That way I get extra exercise even when I’m typing.

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Yes- I bike 4–5 times a week, usually for 45 minutes or so. If I can’t get out on my bike, I try to walk for the same amount of time. I also lift weights- not often enough, my short-term goal is to make sure I do it three times weekly.

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Relatively. I do a lot of biking and I go to the gym somewhat regularly.

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Have just started back at the gym 3 to 4 times a week.

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I walk my dog daily but as she’s now quite elderly, it’s now just a short walk round the park. It used to be 3 miles at a time. That’s exactly why I’ve gained 30 pounds in the last 2 years.

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I used to until I hurt my knee. I am now down to a brief daily dog walk.

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What happened to your knee? Can you get it fixed?

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Yes, it’s actually mandatory for me, being in the military. My squadron exercises three times a week. I total about 5 miles, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups per week.

When I get out of the military, I still plan on exercising regularly. Maybe not as much, but I would like to keep my heart healthy and build more muscle.

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I avoid gyms like the plague but I like to walk. Every day I walk somewhere and in all weathers. I also like to cycle and this is my favourite exercise.

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Yes, I exercise 6 days a week. Every other day I run circuits on the treadmill and on the days in between I do workouts by Ellen Barrett or Tracey Effinger. Their workouts both combine strength training, flexibility and elements of Pilates and barre work. Aside from the obvious health benefits, it allows me to be able to focus on my body and get out of my head for a while. Concentrating on maintaining proper form, breathing, thinking about what my muscles are doing and just enjoying not trying to solve the world’s problems for a while is a wonderful thing. As I get older and see a lot of my contemporaries deal with injuries and physical complaints, I’m grateful that I’m in great condition and attribute that to exercise.

My focus has changed a lot in the past couple of years. I went through a period during and immediately following my divorce when I stopped working out completely for a year or so, which is something I never thought would happen to me because I’ve always been so dedicated. Once I got back to exercising regularly, my focus changed from doing a lot of gym style heavy lifting to concentrating more on flexibility and using my own body weight as resistance. Back in the day, I even appeared in two nationally broadcast fitness infomercials for the company whose workouts I was really into at the time.

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Up until about two months ago I ran regularly. I was averaging 3–4 miles 3–4x/week for a while, then bumped it up to about 30 miles per week for a couple months, including 10 mile long runs on the weekend.

Then I got injured and haven’t been able to run regularly since. So in the past month or so I’ve started doing some strength training circuits with a friend of mine, and I try to make it to a yoga class every Sunday. I am pretty inconsistent and probably only make it to the gym 3x/week owing to schoolwork and social functions. I’d like to start going every day again and adding in more cardio. And I really, really hope I can start running again soon.

I guess the primary benefit is feeling mentally better when I do it, but the physical side effects are welcome, too. I never lost much weight from running but I’m definitely gaining weight from not, which is depressing. I just felt better in every way when I was getting a good 40–60 minutes/day in.

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Yep, I fence 2–3 times a week and I usually go for a walk around a nearby hike and bike trail around lunch each day.

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weekdays 3 mile jog and 3 sets of 20 crunches on my bender ball, its just hard to start up again after the weekends
stretching is a must but i dont keep track of how long…

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@YoBob -Fencing sounds like a riot! I would love to try that! :)

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Yes. Spinning at least 3 times a week, treadmill/elliptical 1–2 times a week, occasional swimming.

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@lucillelucillelucille I want to try the tree wrestling workout you are doing in your avatar.

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I heave 600 – 1000lbs of chicken per day. But they pay me for that, so I doubt that it counts.

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Working at a wilderness school teaching children two days a week, I get a lot more aerobic exercise lately than I used to.

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@lucillelucillelucille Go for it!

I didn’t start until I was in my mid 30’s. The great thing about fencing is it is as much of a tactical game as it is a physical one. Age and treachery often wins out over youthful exuberance.

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Yes, water aerobics 1–2 times a week, walk 2 times a week, zumba 2 times a week.

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I bike 14 miles a day to work and back. I also get out hiking a few days a month. Other than that I sit on my ass a lot.

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I walk 3 days a week lately. When I’m working again, I’m going to join a local footy team as well as resume karate 2 days a week. Solitary exercise is boring as all get-out for me.

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No, but I’m going to start yoga and working out soon. I used to be a really good figure skater, but I haven’t skated in nearly a year. I want to get back to the ice so bad.

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@ducky dnl: that’s awesome i always wanted to figure skate, but ice is cold…and i don’t like cold…

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I am just getting back on the pavement after a horrific hamstring injury….feels amazing to be flying down the streets again!! Yoga and floor work every day.

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not nearly as much as I once did. I have issues with pain and old man stuff. I used to do weights and still have an awesome mtn bike that just sits there. I go out with our dogs and that will wind me sometimes so that will have to do. I have a huge yard that needs mowing that is exorcise in its own right(push mower). There is always stuff to do around the house and in the winter there’s the logging and firewood duties that is pretty tough. So it a dual purpose activity that benefits me and everybody else at home.

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I swim three times a week, 50 lengths. I would do it more but the chlorine isn’t great for skin. It is not only exercise, but is also meditation—especially when I have a lane to myself.

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On most days I try to force myself to walk my usual mile, but I frequently fail.

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@skfinkel Swimming is awesome as is those 50 lengths and a lane to yourself!! When the cold weather sets in I will be back indoors doing my 45 lengths too!

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This year, after being blasted in med school with facts about how important exercise is, I started jogging regularly. I jog about 4km every 2 days. I hope that’s enough. It can be a real chore, eh.

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I go on the elliptical and jog 2–3 miles twice or thrice a week. It’s not that much, but it’s all I can manage in between school and extra-curriculars.

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@diavolobella -Always start with saplings.It builds confidence! XD
@YoBob-That is very appealing:)

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@lucillelucillelucille [goes outside to beat up small tree]

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once per year whether I need it or not. That’s regularly.

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