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Just exactly who is this "Someone" I keep seeing on here?

Asked by ucme (46454points) October 15th, 2010

If you look in the community feed you will see frequent appearances as such : Someone just followed ucme or whoever. I’ve searched for this mysterious user named Someone & drew a blank. Shed any light on this intriguing little conundrum?

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Sounds like a new way to say that someone added you to their fluther, only now they refer to it as following someone. And it seems they don’t want to say who on the feed, but you will know.

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“They” don’t want you to know who “someone” is. “They” have plans for you, and it’s too early to tell you those plans.

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@hawaii_jake Yeah, Someone’s watching….dun dun duh!

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Worse and worse. First we changed to stalker terminology. Then, to make matters worse, the feed encourages more stalking of the followed, but no trackability of the follower…. Did you notice that? Whoever just got followed has a link right into their front room so the rest of us can voyeur in and see what was so interesting that “someone” decided to follow them. But yet, the follower, outside looking in through the window, is invisible to us. Probably looking at us too, right this very moment.
Back up slowly, and RUN!

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@Trillian Easy for you to say. :-)

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@Trillian Absolutely, someone’s out there, watching you, watching me…...Taxi!

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@chyna Hey sugar, how are you?
@ucme BOO!

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Careful, @Trillian , you’ll break @ucme ‘s yolks!

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Quick turn around and look . . . there is “someone” . . . . SPINNING ;>)

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you guys are giving me the jim-jams.

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@Tropical_Willie You spin me right round baby right round, like a record…...i’ve gone again!

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In dogged pursuit of a full answer for you, I turned—where else—to google.

Someone is hiding on Alcatraz Island
Someone Is Trying To Sell Your Grandparents Crappy Vivitar Film
Someone is sending from my address
Someone Is Killing Off Patrick Leahy, Dianne Feinstein, and Frank Lautenberg
Someone Is Waiting
someone is a pathological liar
Someone is Flirting With Me
someone is drowning I assume this is metaphorical… or…
Someone is walking over my grave
Someone Is Not Paying Attention
Someone Is an Antisemite
Someone is Wrong On The Internet ok, now I’m scared
Someone Is Crazy Ummm, duh!
Someone Is Watching (TV 2000)
Someone is watching every single episode of Star Trek Does this mean someone is a couch potato?
Someone Is Attracted To Me It’s hard to imagine, but I suppose it’s possible
Someone is Leaking Our Torrents ??????????
Someone Is African-American and this is relevant…. how…...???

Well, there you have it. A fairly complete picture of someone. I could have gone on, but I think I’ve beaten this dead horse quite enough! ;-)

That was fun!

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@wundayatta Someone just gave you a GA! Why that someone was in fact me.

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If it’s you the someone just added, you can see who they are in your own personal lurrrrrve feed…..... t’otherwise, yer stuffed!

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@wundayatta I had a link to that “Someone is wrong on the Internet” xkcd comic for the topic editors back in the early days:

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I didn’t anticipate any responses, what with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek & all. So a big thank you for entering into the spirit in which it was intended :¬)

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@ucme dammit! And there was me giving a serious answer and all!! ;¬}

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I don’t think I was followed. It’s the CIA. They keep tabs on “persons of interest” in the fluther community.

Oh no, I wasn’t careful enough. RUN!! GET OUT OF…


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@KatawaGrey Arrrrrgh, now it says Someone followed me!! Here come the Men in Black….or should that be men in white coats?

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You know, I always feel like somebody’s watching me. O_O.

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This is a bad move.

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Sorry to spoil the fun, but if you click on My Account and then on Lurve for You, you can scroll down and see who has added you to their Fluther collective.

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It was “Someone’s” dumb idea to switch this.

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Yeah, Someone knows who’s responsible & by gum, Someone better stand up & be counted :¬)

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@timtrueman Seriously – folks: whisper has now officially become too small to see even with glasses and at 150% zoom. Can we decide that in Social fuck whispering and in General just give a serious answer anyway – so DOWN WITH WHISPER – UP WITH ALLCAPS – hug a blind person today.


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I can hear you NOW ! !

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@seazen : I just use my fatter glasses for whisper…how the hell old are you, Dude???

@ucme : Geez, thanks for this. Lost sleep, paranoia, twitchy eyes; are you not familiar with the saying “Ignorance is bliss”??

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Yeah, I don’t like this change.

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Quit your whining… (I’m looking at you, Piccard…).

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Hey, if the CIA says it’s Piccard with two Cs…Make It So!

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It’s Jim Gaffigan. He just wants to give you some cake.

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It’s me, in my other persona.

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Just exactly who is this “Someone” I keep seeing on here?

She spells it Simone, not Someone.

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No wonder my ears were burning.

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@seazen oh is that what whisper does, make text smaller? I never noticed that because I have my browser set to a minimum font size (big). Now, I think strikeout would be much more useful.

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@Some_one I just followed you, just to see : Someone just followed Some one!! An excellent arrangement :¬)

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Someone said the call is coming from inside the house. run!

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@seazen I haven’t figured out how to whisper yet… those instructions (underneath) are gibberish to me… let me give it a try hi I’m going to write this…. now for the rules of using them… I will have to wait until someone tells us how to use them

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@talljasperman You did it! It took me forever to figure out how to use it too. It took a whole thread and about 10 jellies trying to explain it to me before I caught on.

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@talljasperman Well, you might need to practice. :-)

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