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How can I deal with this lump in my mouth from a lip piercing?

Asked by Marchofthefox (787points) October 15th, 2010

I’ve had a lip piercing before and I took it out only to put it back in. It was a struggle with a little bleeding. It was okay and it was sore like all fresh peircings but my Boyfriend always wants to kiss and being tired of his complaining I took it out and now I have lump in the inside of my mouth which I believe is infected scar tissue.
It’s a little too big and I’m wondering will it go down or what?

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Warm salt water soaks are supposed to help clean and heal irritated piercings. You should stick to jewelry that won’t get knocked around while you’re healing.

There’s more information about how to prepare salt water soaks here.

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You can also drink a slushie to get the icy goodness that might help the swelling. If it hasn’t gotten better by Monday, go to the doctor. If it gets worse over the weekend, go to the ER.

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Well, if it doesn’t get better with the salt rinses (That you should of been doing anyway!), then it’s most likely a keloid or a boil. These are both very common.
If sea salt soaks aren’t reducing your bump, try using chamomile tea bags as hot compresses. Dip the bag into warm water and hold against the piercing. Re-dip when the bag loses heat. Do this once or twice a day for 10 minutes. You can alternate tea bags and sea salt soaks.
Keloids are large, and often a darker color than the surrounding skin. See a doctor or dermatologist to determine this if you think it might be that bad. Keloid may require surgical removal or steroid treatments. Be advised, however, occasionally keloid removal results in more scar tissue.

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Just clean it and take care of it, with time the bump will go away..I recently had my dimples(cheeks) redone and developed a little bump next to one of them, I didnt worry because I had that before…It’ll be gone in like a month or so…just be patient and keep it clean :) Unless its oozing like alot of nasty green goo that smells bad you should be fine. Sometimes I still wake up with the crusties around my piercings, but nothing major, just part of the healing process.

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